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a few things to be excited about.

Posted in ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on July 28, 2008

In five minutes one of my favorite shows, Mad Men, is premiering the second season. New York Magazine has really upped my enthusiasm for the show these last few days. There is something truly fabulous about the costumes for the 1960’s advertising agency. Peggy, the naïve secretary, gets a big break in the close of season one (oops spoiler) and I can’t wait to see how she will progress throughout this season. This is the time women were getting out of the home and into the workplace. It is incredibly inspiring. Don Draper, the overly mysterious ad exec, is such a multi-faceted character and his beautiful wife can’t help but be bored by the housewife life. The barrier between his secrets and the audience will hopefully be broken this season. The show is up for sixteen emmy’s and if that isn’t an indicator of its brilliance, I don’t know what is. Even Michael Kors’ Fall ready-to-wear fashion show channeled the shows costumes.

Another reason I am particularly happy right now is due to my brand new camera. It hasn’t been put to good use yet but I did manage to sneak in a few shots of my simple staple lunch.

My love for beets has never waned and the sweetness is the perfect addition to a fresh spring green salad. Somehow my balsamic vinegar has walked off and disappeared and I was left with an old tuscan italian dressing from Trader Joe’s to top it off. The flavors were right but I prefer a less thick dressing like a nice homemade vinaigrette. Next, I slathered sprouted grain bread with pesto sauce.

Piled upon the sauce I added tomato, tempeh, and soy mozzarella and grilled it.  Delicious.

One last thing I am looking forward to is Harper’s Bazaar’s newest baby, The Runway Report. In this blog, I haven’t yet talked about my days interning there. All I will say now is that the magazine world has a hypnotizing kind of energy that I can not wait to return to.

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shoes from the fall runway

Posted in FASHION by clairedille on July 27, 2008

After a too long hiatus, I am back to talk about key shoe trends for the fall. The jewel toned tights and garments are returning this fall and the look has progressed to the feet. Texture is also taking center stage with soft suedes everywhere from Proenza Schouler to Valentino. Here are a few of the most noticeable trends that will be seen hitting the streets in a few months.

Balenciaga and Lavin were just two of the shows featuring the return of the not-so-subtle pointy toe heels. Fendi and Doo.ri were all about the suede ankle boots while Proenza’s jewel tones ranged from green, mustard, and purple. Gucci played with the classic fringed suede boots and Missoni marbled the suede. The basic cream heel like Valentino’s will be a must-have accessory in the fall. Olivier Theyskens tucked twisty pants into more suede heels at Nina Ricci. Slouchy boots will always be in fashion, but the white ones at 3.1 Phillip Lim and Balenciaga were a pretty cool new way to wear them.

Shoes are a great way of expressing your sense of style. Try adding some texture to your outfit by pairing it with some unexpected footwear




proenza schouler




nina ricci

3.1 Phillip Lim


images from style.com
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toast and quotes.

Posted in FOOD, VEGAN, WORKOUTS, WRITING by clairedille on July 21, 2008

As I jumped into the elevator this morning I heard someone getting out giving his friend some advice.

“The secret to weightloss is cutting carbs.”

The girl replied, “I just can’t do that.”

I wanted to scream “You don’t have to!”

Instead, I went upstairs to make french toast, one of the best pre-run meals in my opinion. I was incredibly lucky to have a mother who made french toast for breakfast often and well into high school. This morning, I decided to try a recipe from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch (written by those tough-love vegans). Collecting cookbooks is the easy part, but actually cooking most of the recipes is a true task. There are quite a few books piling up on my amazon wishlist.

Instead of posting a recipe that is not created by moi, I searched via web for a way of sharing it with you. Strangely enough, I found it on the Ellen recipe database, and here it is: Pecan Crusted French Toast.

Although the photograph doesn’t serve them justice, they were really delicious. The tough part was trying to get the chopped pecans to stick to the dipped bread, and I almost have failed to do so. Next time, as in tomorrow, I will use the leftover almond milk mixture but dip the bread into a shallow bowl of shredded coconut.

Returning back to the topic I started with, I think that quick fixes for fitness and weight loss are quite silly if you resort to eating poorly after a brief stint with a diet. Instead, it is really important to be motivated by eating healthy and to look for inspiration for working out and keeping fit. Here are a few quotes that get my legs running:

Running is one of the best solutions to a clear mind.

-sasha azevedo

“You have to wonder at times what you’re doing out there. Over the years, I’ve given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement.”

-steve prefontaine

Lastly, since this post is already pretty scattered. I will leave you with some of my favored writing resources:

These collections of feature articles range from The Atlantic Monthly to GQ.

The Elements of Style is a classic given to me by my aunt. It really helps with all issues from grammar to principles of composition. In Jeffrey Steingarten’s, The Man Who Ate Everything, he brings you along in his journey to become the food editor for Vogue.

The images in my edition of The Elements of Style are beautiful.

Shoes will be the topic of discussion tomorrow. Happy Monday.

real men bake quiche.

Posted in Uncategorized by clairedille on July 21, 2008

This entire post is dedicated to my lovely father, whom I photographed above. Recently, he has been inspired to take photographs of his own culinary skills. Being an artist himself, I have no lack in faith that he could probably take more beautiful photos than I. It is no secret in our family that he loves pie and he has been known to insist on baking a pie in the summer heat. However, we have a mutual affinity with quiche. Last time I saw my father in Manhattan, he brought up a memory he had of me saying I had the best quiche ever in Amsterdam. It was true and the secret ingredient was pine nuts. It is embarrassing to admit, but the stunning counter top in this photograph made me homesick. You have to admit, this quiche looks mighty tasty.

I have gone the summer without eggs or dairy, but I know that this lifestyle choice will not last forever. I have complete respect for all those who choose to eat vegan, and I try to as much as possible but will never call myself one. I love food too much to not try new things with family and friends. Nevertheless, you will never hear of me eating any red meat or poultry. My food philosophy is to savor flavor and fuel my body the best I can.

I have been a busy little bee this last week and my posting has been semi shoddy. Two reasons (excuses?) are that 1) I was uninspired after a mandoline accident involving my thumb and 2) my old digital camera has broken.

In the meantime, I will try to share some favorite fashion images, running workouts, and recipes I am trying this week.

a fresh face.

Posted in BEAUTY by clairedille on July 19, 2008

This morning I watched the more recent Pride & Prejudice, with Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike as Elizabeth and Jane Bennet, and was inspired by their translucent skin and natural beauty. It may be silly to write and even talk about barely there makeup trends from the Fall runways. Not only were the lips pale but the eyes were often bare and seemingly mascara free.

In these last few months of summer, protect your skin from those harsh rays. Pale is making a come back, and if there is even a slight chance that it can be considered a trend than it is one. A few wise words would be to cover up with a big floppy hat and at the very least, a moisturizer with SPF 15. When Fall comes around, your skin will be just as clean and fresh as the runway models.


burberry, calvin klein, prada, pucci, stella mccartney, narciso
images from style.com
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one month from today.

Posted in FAMILY, FOOD, TRAVEL by clairedille on July 16, 2008

Everyone should have one place where they can put all worries aside. This place for me is Martha’s Vineyard. I cherish every memory I have on the island. I few posts back, Mementos, I wrote Words of July. Each phrase related to Martha’s Vineyard and the time spent on the little oasis. My grandmother, who passed this past March, is the reason my family has been lucky enough to summer on the Vineyard year after year. My mother and her two sisters have been going to the small summer home, The Dille Camp, since they were preteens. There is no television, no microwave, and no dishwasher. However, there are kayaks, a sailboat, a canoe, card games, and my favorite board game, clue. The mile long dirt road is scattered with many other houses filled with family and friends. In one month, I will be back to the only consistent house I have lived my entire life and where the waves of the Atlantic Sound will put me to sleep at night.

the backyard. lake tashmoo

inside the Dille Camp. lunch on the porch.

the lake tashmoo channel

my mother and I

My family is the real reason I am so eager to visit. Also, I will squeeze a few of my favorite activities into my short week stay on the place I used to spend seven weeks. The farmer market and flea market will be two cant-miss’. One of my other favorite places to go in a hurry is the famous Black Dog. Lily, my sister, and I love splitting scrumptious muffins and sipping iced coffees after arriving on island via ferry. While driving up island with the windows down, you pass farms and rollings meadows. All three of the towns, Edgartown, Oaks Bluff, and Vineyard Haven have something different to offer. Mad Martha’s Ice Cream still has the best frozen yogurt I have ever tasted and Chilmark Pizza may be the only place in the United States I will eat pizza. The lines at both places often go out the door. A few weeks will pass before I can travel the short journey from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard, but I am counting down the days.

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lace up for fall

Posted in FASHION by clairedille on July 15, 2008

Bits of lace showed up allover the Fall runways. The most significant case of lace was in Milan at the Prada show. Style.com’s Sarah Mower said “Miuccia Prada is about to do for the lace industry what Nicolas Ghesquière did for flower printers last season—send the mills into frantic overdrive.”This provocative fabric is the perfect combination of romantic and goth. Black is the go to look for a sexy way to wear lace and layering it over nudes creates the same risqué illusion.


Stella McCartney shows two ways to wear the look. A cutout dress on the left plays peekaboo and a lacy blouse channels the Victorian age

stella mccartney

The always fashionable, Gwyneth, wore the stella frock and a similar lacy Balmain dress to two of her Iron Man premieres.

stella mccartney & balmain

Derek Lam’s foiled gold lace and Phillip Lim layered over color lace were two fun ways of adding hints of other hues to the Victorian look.

derek lam & 3.1Phillip Lim

Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy paired lace with other Fall trends, a one shoulder dress and a ruffle neck blouse with a flouncy tulip skirt.


The abundance of lace on the runway can seem overwhelming but try adding in some easy romantic lace pieces to your wardrobe for the fall. To keep it casual, wear a lace mini dress with slouchy fringe moccasin booties (à la Balmain). A frilly or ruffled blouse tucked into a round flouncy lace skirt will add volume and down play the lace. Vintage and thrift stores is where you should search. If you find a great lace dress that may be too big in size, cinch the waist like I have done with my favorite red lace dress below.

I hope you embrace the many looks of lace for the fall. Next up is the return of the nude lip on the runway.

images from style.com and people.com

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i’m all about the green.

Posted in FASHION, FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on July 11, 2008

The Friday farmer’s market did not disappoint. As a I type this, my fingers still smell of fresh picked basil.

Smells and memories go hand in hand. Pesto may be one of my favorite things in the entire world. My mother always did the freezing in ice cubes trick growing up. I would take one cube out and throw it on some just cooked whole wheat pasta and eat in a hurry. Today I decided to make an adaption on regular pesto, this is more of a sauce and veganized with nutritional yeast instead of parmesan.

Fresh Basil Sauce

2 cups fresh packed basil
5 cloves garlic
1/6 cup olive oil (8 t)
1/6 cup milk substitute (unsweetened)
1/3 cup pine nuts (almonds or walnuts)
1/3 cup nutritional yeast

Measure the olive oil and almond milk, pour both in a measuring glass and whisk. The amounts may vary depending on preference of fat quantity in your sauce, however, the liquid should be 1/3 cup. Add all ingredients to a food processor and process until creamy.

The light was playing tricks on me with these photos. Lunch will be a simple panini with a new combination of flavors. Grilled pattypan squash, tempeh bacon, veganrella, and basil sauce will be served on a 100% whole wheat bread from the farmer’s market. Hopefully, this will be just as tasty as I imagine it to be.

The outfit of the day features a bright green cashmere sweater and a straw fedora. I am a big hat wearer, especially to keep my skin safe from the sun. Also, I wear a tinted moisturizer with spf 15 and bronzing powder. On the bottom half, I have vintage levi cut-off jean shorts and my favorite black gladiator sandals.

I am saving up for a new bag and will definitely be showcasing it on the blog. I am not a vegan fashionista, unfortunately. I don’t wear fur unless it is vintage. I would not buy any new fur. One of my favorite bags is a vegan matt and nat bag that is almost five years old.

What are some of your favorite summer looks? Since I am more of a fall dresser, I favor trousers, black glossy heels, and cashmere. I love lace as well. Tomorrow, I will be showing some of my favorite lacy finds from the fall runway shows. I hope everyone has a fabulously green Friday.

And some tunes for you:

I will always love the hipster/preppy boys who make up Vampire Weekend and sing of an Oxford Comma and Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.

A new one is The Vangaurd. I don’t know too much about these Brooklyn boys but I hope to see them soon in Rhode Island or in the Fall in NYC.

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all about the neckline.

Posted in FASHION by clairedille on July 9, 2008

The Fall Ready-To-Wear fashion shows were about a more demure neck line. Even the usually sexpot collections turned down the cleavage. Looking through all the collections, there was an abundance of lace, a form-fitting silhouettes, and ruffles but I will talk about those trends another time. Today, it is all about the neck-line, specifically the jewelry, and even more specifically, the statement necklaces. Another way of bringing attention to your decolletage is by an almost obsessive amount of jewelry. Raised by former stylist and current vintage shop-keeper, my jewelry box is overflowing with what some call costume jewelry, with the help of my mother. However, nothing competes with these chunky baubles from the Fall runways.

In order:

Dries Van Noten used the look of bangles to surround the neckline, both in bright colors and silver tin.
Givenchy went with a more goth approach with the rolls of heavy chains and layers of crosses.
Love, love, love what Nicolas Ghesquière does with Balenciaga. He added these vintage-like faux jewels to an incredibly modern collection of clothes and an intensely smoky eye on the runway.
It was as though Alber Elbaz was thinking about modern technology at Lanvin.








 images from style.com and thefashionspot.com

These are just a few of the fall collections featuring intense statement necklaces. Some other favorites are 3.1 Phillip Lim,  Vera Wang, and Burberry Prorsum. Of course, wearing similar necklaces won’t be possible all the time, however, it would be quite fun to wear some outrageous jewels on occasion. Will you be trying this look come fall? I say go for it, whether it is with a casual pair of low slung wide-leg trousers and a loose gray sweater or a tight black long sleeve mini dress.

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a full plate and circle salad.

Posted in FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on July 8, 2008

Strange cravings came about this weekend. A sunny courtyard was the place for this meal and I carried my plate down just as so:

This quick but pleasing lunch was a spinach salad with shaved radishes and a sliced chioggia beet, a tempeh bacon wrap with homemade cilantro sauce (cilantro, silken tofu, garlic, pine nuts) and tomatoes, and a side of favorites, sweet potato chips. My taste buds still favor tempeh sandwiches with avocado, romaine, and tomato. It must be the notion of a mock BLT that really appeals to me.

I couldn’t help myself. The mandoline I bought is too much fun to put down and the abundance of circular produce I have makes me giddy with pleasure. Layered above torn romaine hearts, I placed thin slices of, the probably apparent, veggies: cucumber, radishes, and carrots. Dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette, I ate this with my new lunchtime staple, the nearly raw tahini noodles. Cooking for one, with an incredibly petite refrigerator filled with a roommates processed foods is getting pretty aggravating. The small shelf that holds all my food is like a maze these days. Considering I find myself to be constantly interested in new foods and recipes like many foodies, I always want new food even if I have a full fridge or cabinet. I guess this may have to wait a few years.

* It is about time for a first fashion post covering a few things I love from the Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear collections. I will apologize in advance for my lack of posts in this upcoming week, I will be back to class until mid August. For all the vegans and foodies out there reading this blog, I want to let you know that my editorial dreams are divided between a few subjects of obsession: fashion, food, travel, and fitness (specifically running related). In the next few months, I hope to evenly divide the blog to pursue all passions and maybe even come up with columns for the week. Any ideas? I was thinking a few ideas but none are definite: recipes to try that week, a new look or new food, accessory or beauty wish-list items, designer inspiration of the week, favorite high-fashion editorial, city (or destination) ideas for adventure, and workouts to keep things interesting.

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