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one month from today.

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Everyone should have one place where they can put all worries aside. This place for me is Martha’s Vineyard. I cherish every memory I have on the island. I few posts back, Mementos, I wrote Words of July. Each phrase related to Martha’s Vineyard and the time spent on the little oasis. My grandmother, who passed this past March, is the reason my family has been lucky enough to summer on the Vineyard year after year. My mother and her two sisters have been going to the small summer home, The Dille Camp, since they were preteens. There is no television, no microwave, and no dishwasher. However, there are kayaks, a sailboat, a canoe, card games, and my favorite board game, clue. The mile long dirt road is scattered with many other houses filled with family and friends. In one month, I will be back to the only consistent house I have lived my entire life and where the waves of the Atlantic Sound will put me to sleep at night.

the backyard. lake tashmoo

inside the Dille Camp. lunch on the porch.

the lake tashmoo channel

my mother and I

My family is the real reason I am so eager to visit. Also, I will squeeze a few of my favorite activities into my short week stay on the place I used to spend seven weeks. The farmer market and flea market will be two cant-miss’. One of my other favorite places to go in a hurry is the famous Black Dog. Lily, my sister, and I love splitting scrumptious muffins and sipping iced coffees after arriving on island via ferry. While driving up island with the windows down, you pass farms and rollings meadows. All three of the towns, Edgartown, Oaks Bluff, and Vineyard Haven have something different to offer. Mad Martha’s Ice Cream still has the best frozen yogurt I have ever tasted and Chilmark Pizza may be the only place in the United States I will eat pizza. The lines at both places often go out the door. A few weeks will pass before I can travel the short journey from Boston to Martha’s Vineyard, but I am counting down the days.

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