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Posted in FAMILY, FOOD, MAGAZINES by clairedille on August 16, 2009

When this blog first came to light, I often wrote about my undying love of farmer’s markets and seasonal produce. Like all foodie bloggers, I always find myself so impressed by the abundance of colors and flavors around me at the market. Although many markets are overly crowded, there is something exhilarating about the enthusiasm others around me share for fresh food. Yesterday was the first time my father, mother, and sister have been together the entire summer and in true family form, we headed over to the biggest market nearby to satisfy our fruit and vegetable cravings for the week. The end of the summer always reminds me of blueberries and I was in dire need of them once I hit the bustling market. The other fruit I wanted was the sun gold variety of tomatoes, they are the sweet counterpart to the usual cherry tomato and oh, so tasty.



I snack on these tomatoes plain but they are also wonderful roasted on a flatbread like the one I made last year on Martha’s Vineyard for my family.

Two magazines that I am loving today are the September issue of Vegetarian Times with two articles I am particularly pleased with, “go greek!” and “DIY Doughnuts” and The New York Times Style Magazine. My sister will be graduating next year from college (with a degree in fashion design) and to celebrate her graduation we are planning on heading over to Greece, the one place I haven’t been in Europe. It will be the perfect warm weather spot and I can not wait to photograph the beauty of Greece. The other reason I am so fond of the article on greek food is because I love the simple mediterranean flavors. If you ever want to taste authentic greek food, head over to Snack in Soho (right next to INA-best designer consignment store) on Thompson Street. The quaint feel of the restaurant is ever-so-charming and I always find myself seated between people speaking French or Italian and for some reason, I trust their judgment.

I feel a great amount of nostalgia for doughnuts in the summer months because it was the only time growing up that we made our way to Humphrey’s in West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard. My father always ordered a Jelly doughnut and half of the jelly most likely ended up on his shirt, my sister and I favored a warm paper bag full of doughnut holes, and we would take a crueller home for my mother waiting for us at the Dille camp. This was a yearly tradition until it closed down in my early teen years and created a great upset.



I have been waiting all week for the T Fall Fashion issue and two articles that drew me in were “Past Perfect” about the vintage clothing store in LA called Decades and “Who’s That Girl?” about the film costume designer, Arianne Phillips. I will go into more detail in the near future about why I am more intrigued about these topics than I may have been in the past, but  If you do not get the NY Times, I definitely recommend heading out to pick up the Sunday issue. The style issues only come out a few times a year and never disappoint.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Anyone else completely ecstatic about the Mad Men premier tonight!


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  1. VeggieGirl said, on August 16, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    So many favorites in this post!

  2. Brooke said, on October 18, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    i was just thinking of you, and this is such a cute, cohesive post! i agree! INA soo good! i found a gorgeous junya kimono a few years back…love. well, i miss you babe + hope all is well in nycccc! we must catch up soon, somehow haha.

    all my love and best wishes!
    XO brooke

    p.s greece next year!? so exciting!

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