A Fresh Dille

a refresher.

Posted in TRAVEL by clairedille on April 5, 2010

Almost two years ago, I began writing this blog to try and unveil my interests to others and to share my passions with a community I was not surrounded by daily. Writing about all sorts of happenings in my life made me look closer at my self and at times feel as though I wasn’t quite sure where to take this blog. Things have changed in my life immensely these last two years. I am no longer a student, but another early 20 year old striving for adequate happiness in all aspects of my life. However, hobbies and goals have flourished into a deep appreciation for this earth. I still try to my capacity to treat this earth the best way I know how, and aspire to treat my body the to the best of my capabilities.

Coming back to this same site feels like I am returning home. It is “A Fresh Dille” for a reason, Dille being my middle name, and “A Fresh” signifying “A Fresh Day.” I have contemplated points of view I wished the blog would take and feel as though it is best not to mess with something I already once began. I will be sharing excerpts of my days and observations of my community. Most importantly I will write about my passions, whether they have to do with my love of food, styles I am fond of, travels I have taken (or hope to), and fitness goals I aim for.

Here is a photo I took when visiting San Francisco for the first time on New Years Eve. After driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, we parked the car to walk down to one of the beaches in Marin County with the most beautiful clay/sand. The day was grey and quiet and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. This city has now become one of my favorites.

I will be back very soon.


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  1. Twila said, on April 7, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    This looks like you had a beautiful day. I cant wait to here about your thoughts and travels!


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