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one failure and one success.

Posted in FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on May 6, 2010

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood…

I completely forgot about adding seeds to my eats yesterday but I made sure to include some (A LOT) in my breakfast this morning. I started off day four of the gluten free challenge week with the delicious GF Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal, yet again. Although I changed things up yesterday with a waffle, I am really craving some real oats. This breakfast was satisfying but two of my favorite Bob’s Red Mill oats (steel cut and scottish)¬†are banned this week, and I must admit to missing them. Unfortunately, I am not willing to shell out more cash for the gluten free version of steel cut oats because I have quite the large quantity, at my place as well as my boyfriends.

This is 1/3 cup GF Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal cooked in unsweetened organic almond milk with half a banana and flax seeds. After cooking, I topped them with more banana, the last of my frozen cherries, and lots of chia seeds. Sometimes I do add the chia into the oats while cooking, but today I knew I wasn’t desiring the chia texture that comes from cooking them. Oh, and I can’t forget the vanilla almond Naturally Nutty and cinnamon.

Note: Upping the cereal to 1/3 really satisfied me much longer than before. I was full until lunchtime.

I knew rain was approaching so decided to head out for my planned run. My favorite running weather is mid 60’s with a slight drizzle near the end of the run. This was exactly that and I finished with a smile on my face.

Yesterday, I picked up two different gluten free mixes that seemed easy enough. I usually love Bob’s Red Mill products and I have always loved corn muffins, so I bought this gluten free mix. The hard thing about gluten free mixes and diets is that they usually try to overcompensate the lack of gluten with more eggs. I relied on the PPK to help me veganize the recipe. It called for two eggs, 1/3 cup oil, and one and 1/2 cup milk. The milk and oil were an easy swap. In went almond milk, half a banana (mashed with a pastry cutter) and three tablespoons of Tropical Traditions coconut oil (will review soon). To swap out the eggs, I used 1/4 cup silken tofu and a flax egg (one tablespoon flax mixed with three tablespoons water). This was my first time replacing an egg with silken tofu, but I feel that could be part of the reason why the recipe failed. I also had added the banana to lessen the fat in the recipe, but now wish I didn’t since they didn’t turn out as well as hoped.

Ok, I hate posting a failed recipe but I honestly didn’t hate these. I learned that it is very hard to veganize gluten free mixes and that maybe I should rely on the trusty sites that specialize in gluten free baking for this reason. As you can see, these turned out funky. They were squishy and didn’t fluff up or spread out as I hoped. Maybe I should have added more liquid? More oil? There is always next time.

When lunch rolled around, I went with a salad that I knew I would enjoy. In the salad bowl went half a bag of organic baby spinach, mung bean sprouts, cucumber, carrot, alfalfa sprouts (on a sprout kick!), avocado, and tempeh bacon I had made with tamari (wheat free soy sauce).

Instead of dressing, I mixed the leftover Chipotle Cashew Cream from the split pea soup with apple cider vinegar, and poured it over the salad. On the side I had a muffin made better with the help of Earth Balance whipped butter and Crofter’s North America Superfruit Spread.

It wasn’t the worst muffin I have ever had, but I won’t say it was love.

There was a little brainstorming to be done and the sun had returned. When reading outside, I snacked on an apple and sipped on a Strawberry Kombucha, one of my favorite flavors.

The other mix I had bought at Whole Food’s was by Pamela’s. While browsing the site, I saw that they are also creating a gluten free challenge that you can check out here. It is only a weekend long, which may be more of an interest to some than a week. The Chocolate Chunk Cookie mix is gluten free, as well as dairy free so I was on board.

Check out all those dark chocolate chunk! I was giddy with joy. Again, I veganized the recipe with two flax eggs and a mixture of earth balance and coconut oil. There was no way I was going to try and lower the fat in these cookies. After mixing everything together, the dough was oily and crumbly. I scooped tablespoons full onto a parchment covered baking sheet and set in the oven for 16 minutes at 350 degrees, as directed. Here is the outcome. These are delicious and I was so happy to have made one successful recipe for the day.

This mix made 19 cookies and I was more than happy to share them with my family and boyfriend, especially when I know there will be many more for me to have for dessert for the rest of the week.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I knew all day that I wanted to have a mexican inspired meal for dinner, but I wanted to stick with ingredients already in my kitchen. A brown rice tortilla was filled with refried beans that I mixed with a tiny amount of chipotle pepper, baked sweet potato, sprouts, spinach, and salsa. This time, the tortilla tore, much like the Ezekiel tortillas I often buy.

The light was fading, and this was the only photo I could find with actual light showing the filling. The taste was delicious but boy, it was messy. I was scooping up beans and sweet potato mash with the remnants of the tortilla by the end. I hope the rest of the brown rice tortillas in the pack aren’t like this, but that it only broke due to being heated up in a cast iron pan for a minute.

I was sure to finish off the night with two cookies dipped in a cold glass of vanilla almond milk. The chocolate flavor is incredibly intense, so I was very pleased.

Although I may have had a complete failure of a recipe, I am proud that I didn’t give up gluten free baking but tackled it again with full enthusiasm. Maybe I will be able to create my own gluten free baked good soon.

Some things:

-Do you feel defeated when a recipe fails? embarrassed? I used to, but my mother told me with every failure comes a success.

-If you aren’t a fan of something you made, do you scrap it? …save it in the freezer for later eating? …or finish it off as the week goes on?