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Posted in FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on May 11, 2010

Since the gluten-free recap, I haven’t had a chance to post some of the tasty things I have been eating in the last two days. I have been resorting to leftovers because in a few days I will be heading to Philadelphia for my sister’s fashion show and graduation. It is surreal. I feel as though I just graduated myself and now she is heading into the real world as well. At the same time, I am incredibly excited to see how things unravel for her in the next few months. She is one of the most creative and talented individuals I know. Every sketch she draws is stunning and every garment she designs is one I wish to wear. Food photography may be limited in those few days, but I will be sure to post about some vegan treats I plan on packing before we pack up a drive east for a long weekend.

Oh, and thank you so much for the kind words about me and my mother. I truly believe in embracing the fact that we “turn into our mothers” (for the most part). My parents have always told my siblings and I that we should do things that make us happy. That is what all parents should want for their children. As long as you work hard for your goals in life, things will fall into place. Focusing on perfection will not help us but only create barriers between the present and the future. It has taken me far too long to realize that living in the NOW will make me most happy. Sometimes parents feel that we aren’t listening to them, but some things we just have to learn on our own. Even if that means a little bit of suffering along the way.

Now, onto some things I’ve been devouring..

Sunday night, I cracked open the Candle Cafe cookbook again (after the Chocolate Mousse turned out so well) to make a Barbecue sauce with Chipotles. The ingredients were pretty simple, but the taste is phenomenal. For months now, I have been looking at Annie’s BBQ sauce at Whole Foods but have resisted because I am well aware that I can make my own with a few quality ingredients. The sauce was made up of the usuals in a good BBQ sauce: Molasses, tomato paste, mustard, agave, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, and a few spices.

I brushed the sauce onto the sliced tempeh and baked at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Every 15 minutes, I re-coated them with more sauce. Next time I think I will try a pan sautéing method instead because they were a little dry but had lots of flavor.

Earlier in the day I went to the smaller local farmer’s market in hopes of getting some kale. Unable to find them, I picked up a bag of chard and another of spinach from an organic farm stand I tend to favor. The chard was beautiful and knew it would be included in this dinner in some way.

Wanting to save most of the small bunch for another occasion, I took two big leaves and used them to wrap up the BBQ tempeh and raw spinach. I may have even added a little vegenaise in there (no shame). On the side I had half a huge sweet potato cooked low + slow (seen on Ashley & Kath‘  blogs) and two more pieces of the BBQ tempeh. More Chocolate Mousse Pie was served for dessert of course to round out the real mother’s day meal.

Let’s just say, the Chocolate Mousse Pie is not looking too great anymore. I was thinking that it may be best served in smaller ramekins if you are having a dinner party. Wouldn’t that be fun to eat your own little Chocolate Mousse Pie? I know I would be a fan…

Yesterday, I was back to the Scottish Oatmeal that I adore so much. The lack of fresh berries called from a topping of frozen black raspberries, maple syrup, and almond milk (inspired by this lady and her decadent toppings).

It did not disappoint. The base was cooked with chia seeds, almond milk, and thinly sliced banana per usual. Naturally Nutty vanilla almond butter made its way in there too.

I snacked my way through these two before a grueling run. It really was. Just curious, would you like to hear about my running more? I am just starting to get back to it after multiple injuries/overtraining but today I have an appointment (soon, gotta rush through this…) with a trainer at my gym who is evaluating my endurance, fitness, and more today that I would be more than willing to share.

I refueled with this plate of leftovers but felt snack-a-licious yet again a little while later and decided for some chia power. The leftover banana half from breakfast was sliced banana-split style and spread with peanut butter and covered with chia seeds. Surprisingly this kept me full for hours.

Later I had a quick dinner of a Sunshine Breakfast Patty, spinach, and avocado stuffed into my last Brown Rice Tortilla. It was definitely not pretty enough for a photo and I was off to watch a foreign film with one of my best friends who just returned from leading a Habitat for Humanity trip. She is such an amazing person inside and out, and I will be so sad when she leaves for Mongolia soon. It is hard to say goodbye to friends, isn’t it?

Looks like today may even be a two post day…off to get a scary fitness evaluation. Wish me and my little leggies luck!

Other things:

Do your best friends live far from you? How often do you get to see them?

Interested in hearing more about the running/fitness part of my life?


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  1. Eliza said, on May 11, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    wow, that is so cool that your sister is a fashion designer, have a great time in Philly! your food photography is works of art as well! 🙂 everything looks so delicious and so beautiful those oats, yum! i must get naturally nutty again, the vanilla almond butter is soo good! And Yummm to that chocolate mousse!…looks like perfection as does the tempeh! 🙂


  2. kelsey@snackingsquirrel.com said, on May 11, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    how freaking beautiful did u design everything and prepare it. lol. u made it artwork haha… such a creative gal:) that mousse is heavently..love how the whip is incredibly fluffy- i can only imagine what it wouldve tasted like… *drool* chocolate…

    oh and id love to hear more about ur fitness and running lifestyle. that’d be cool! 🙂 hope the rest of ur day is as delicious as ur food:)

  3. Kilee said, on May 11, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    I like hearing a mix of workouts and food. I believe that the two really reflect one another so it’s nice seeing what you eat to fuel up for certain types of workouts. That mouse and dinner looked really good!

  4. I love hearing about how people balance their food with healthy exercise and fitness. I really hope you share about your adventures back into the gym!!

  5. healthyexposures said, on May 11, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Oh gosh, everything in this looks heavenly! Your BBQ tempeh definitely came out much better than mine, I’d say. I’ve been thinking about making my own BBQ sauce lately, too – but passed since there’s still half a bottle in the fridge 😛
    And I SO agree that we grow up to be like our mothers. I am JUST like my mom now, it’s scary!! Well,not scary I guess – I quite admire her 😉
    That flavor of synergy sounds good – haven’t seen that one. Synergy is definitely my fav brand thus far, however. And your oats are definitely drool-worthy. Thanks for the shout-out!!

  6. Alex @ IEatAsphalt said, on May 11, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    That is quite possibly the most beautiful picture of chard. And your meal looked delicious!

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