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Posted in FITNESS, FOOD, RUNNING, VEGAN by clairedille on June 7, 2010

When driving home from work yesterday (no 9-5 type job here…probably ever) I saw a girl running a fast pace along the side of the wide six lane road. It was pouring pretty hard and the wipers were at full speed. At that moment, instead of feeling sorry for her for being caught in the rain, I wanted to be here. I wanted to be the one running what probably started as a hot run and finish it off with a nice refreshing downpour. I realized last night that I’ve been neglecting my inner-runner. There are so many times in my life I’ve been burnt out from over-training and injuries, mentally and physically. Sometimes I let those memories overshadow and I end up telling myself to be calm and not push it. When I talk of training for long races, such as a half or full marathon, to my boyfriend or family, they usually put in some words about it being a somewhat crazy thought considering I’ve chosen a career path where my schedule consists of 5-6 days a week of 14+ hours of running around. Those days are really physically challenging. However, they are not running challenging. Like most runs, each day I work is typically pretty different from the last. I’ve always known that my working life wouldn’t be one where I would be sitting at a desk too often, but that doesn’t mean that I should not honor my run cravings.

The blog world is a great one for so many to feel accountable, but I am not quite ready to put my new running goal out yet. For the first few weeks I’ve decided to see how my legs, feet, and mind feels about the two race options for the Fall and then will be open for posting about my personal training plan and goals. In the mean time, I want to share with you a few links that I have enjoyed recently involving one of my all-time loves, running.

Lauren from Health on the Run wrote great words about how to master the treadmill. Like many, I prefer to run outside, but there are many occasions that require treadmill runs, like extreme heat or stormy days. Even the time of the day is a factor for me. Sometimes my call time can be before or around 6am. I know that if I am training for a race throughout the summer, I will have to run indoors because it is unsafe for me to run in Detroit (where my boyfriend lives) super early. In Part One, Lauren goes over many tips for your form, speed, and mental endurance while on the treadmill. Part Two is all about negative split running, my preferred type of treadmill run. She also gives many suggestions that I know work, such as covering the display and using music as an aid.

Katie from Health for the Whole Self recently wrote two posts about running that I want to share. Although I have pretty much always been a runner, I realize that many haven’t and Katie gives 5 great tips for New Runners. These are things that I know definitely work because I have helped others begin running with emphasis on minutes ran over miles covered. When I have been injured in the past, I’ve had to start running with a walk/run method so that I don’t do too much too fast. That is a wonderful way for anyone interested in running to start. Β In her own Exercise Story, she writes about how she has evolved as an athlete and how running became something she needed for mental clarity, not just fitness.

Hope you enjoy them.

Now, onto some simple yet delicious things I’ve eaten over the weekend…

Sitting on the loft ground is some rolled oats cooked with light coconut milk, flax, and half a frozen banana, sliced thin. Due to the lack of fresh berries, I topped it with organic wild blueberries and my favorite raw creamy almond butter (from Trader Joe’s).

Do you prefer wild blueberries over the bigger ones? I know I prefer the smaller ones. It may be too early, but I hope that I can find a few fresh ones growing along our dirt road on Martha’s Vineyard when we make it there in the next few days.

I made myself a wrap with the last of our grilled tempeh and local lettuce. Of course I had to add other favorites like hummus, avocado, carrots, and cherry tomatoes. This was eaten alongside a fresh juice of more carrot, cucumber, celery, lemon, and apple. It was too oddly colored for a photograph. My sister proclaimed that it looked “swampy.” Although it may not have looked so great, I felt completely energized for a visit to Best Buy to explore dSLR camera options.

I want to say a quick thank you to my photo guru, Jess (do you prefer Jessica) from Healthy Exposures, for being so amazing and sharing great camera advice. Her blog is inspiring for many reasons, not only her stellar photography, but also her foodie and horse love.

My sister headed back to Philadelphia yesterday, and we had to fit in one last tea time. We shared a snickerdoodle and oatmeal raisin. Both were delicious.

V and I went to Woodbridge pub one night over the weekend and played around with his vintage 35 mm camera while sharing a delicious organic Sauvignon blanc from Chile. I’ve said it before, but this is the one place I really enjoy in the Detroit area and I was even more impressed when the owner came outside to our table to talk to us. He asked us how everything tasted and told us that they will be having a new summer menu in the next week. V moved to his loft, just one block away from Woodbridge Pub a few months ago and we have been really satisfied by both the winter and spring menus. Luckily, every seasonal menu thus far has had this gem:

I really need to take some photos of the food soon but over the weekend, I had both of these dishes and loved them both.

Instead of our typical order of chips and seasonal salsa (roasted tomato in the winter and a tomatillo for the spring), we went for the grilled vegetable appetizer which was a great variety of fresh produce grilled to perfection. The grilled zucchini, fennel, and tomatoes were my favorite and the toasted baguette, well…delicious.

The Garrow Salad was another winner with the local greens (I spied some spinach!) and the apple and walnut combo. Growing up, I was not a fan of fennel, but recently I’ve really enjoyed its slight licorice-like flavor. The apricot dressing was truly delicious and paired wonderfully with the smokey roasted walnuts and slightly sour green apple.

Other things I ate over the weekend…

Organic kale that I steamed and then cooked with garlic, basil, and Whole Foods organic Roasted Vegetable Tomato Sauce. On the side I had made polenta and grilled eggplant. I forgot how much I love polenta and hope to enjoy it again soon.

Kale is such a favorite of mine. I could eat it throughout the week and tend to eat a bunch in a day or two.

Last night, after rushing home in the rain from work, I opted for a simple dinner on a sprouted wheat bagel. I wanted to buy the sprouted wheat, but it contained honey so I opted for the vegan vs the wheat-free. These Alvarado bagels have the same crunch as the delicious Food for life sprouted grain products, especially the english muffins. The toppings were random, yet delicious. On one side I had tofutti “better than cream cheese” with blueberry preserves because I will always love the cream cheese and jam combo. The other side was spread with some avocado and topped with an Amy’s bistro burger, one of my favorite vegan veggie burgers with an easy to read list of organic ingredients.

For the veg, I opted for local roasted asparagus, yum!

Chocolate had to be involved in this post somewhere and I am happy to report that I bought this lovely Endangered Species Smooth Dark Chocolate bar last night before driving home because chocolate had been absent from my weekend, and that just can’t happen.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is ready for the week ahead.

Other things:

-Do you feel better about a restaurant when a chef or owner takes the opportunity to talk to you? Obviously it isn’t always possible for the head chef to come around to each table but I feel that when they get the chance, it is a great way to get some feedback and create a small relationship with the diners. I hosted at a very high-end restaurant in Boston during a summer in college and the chef and managers were very present. This is so important, in my opinion, Β for a restaurant to obtain a loyal fan base. When young, we had a favorite Chinese restaurant in NY where the owners knew us well. When I feel like a relaxing night out, it is great to have a local place where those working know you.

-Are you a runner? Do you prefer other methods of exercise? The two most significant methods of exercise for me are running and yoga. I tend to favor them over strength training and other activities. I do love to walk with others in a beautiful place and will be sure to fit in some quality ones when we make our way east later in the week. Elliptical is my cross training choice most often, but would love to get more into biking and spinning.

Happy Monday everyone.


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  1. Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said, on June 7, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Thanks for the shout-out to my posts! πŸ™‚

    There are some delicious-looking eats in this post! Regarding the blueberries, I definitely prefer wild as well. I’ve actually read that wild blueberries have a higher antioxidant count!

  2. Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries said, on June 7, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Hooray for your inner runner! I love to run (ok, jog) but I also love spinning and yoga.
    And I always think your photography is gorgeous, as is Jessica’s! Such talented people you are. Those cookies look scrumptious! My favorite snickerdoodle cookies are from the Alternative Baking Company.

    • clairedille said, on June 14, 2010 at 12:16 am

      I also love the ABC snickerdoodle’s…this was the Chicago Diner brand I found at WF’s.

  3. Amanda @ . seek . said, on June 7, 2010 at 10:53 am

    I tried to get into running in the past, but it just wasn’t for me; I’m more of a fast paced walker πŸ™‚ I never really got that high that people seem to get from running, and I have a bad knee that I don’t want to end up putting too much strain on. I love to be active, but really dislike sticking to workout schedules or plans, and end up just punctuating my day with random exercise. A bike ride. Rebounding. A long walk. Swimming. Dancing around the house πŸ˜‰ Always random depending on my mood and energy level.

    And your eats are looking so darn tasty, girl! I’m craving some polenta and cream cheese with jam (one of my favorite combos too!). As for the blueberries, I love both. I’ve been eating frozen wild blueberries for a while now, but just found some fresh ones in the store and was reminded how much I love them.

    • clairedille said, on June 14, 2010 at 12:15 am

      I am definitely a walker too lady. I grew up taking morning walks a lot of summer on MV and walking my pup in the canyons when we lived in cali with my mom. Such great memories….

  4. kelsey@snackingsquirrel.com said, on June 7, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    over here we call that dinosaur kale!!! hehe ❀ its my favorite kale i think cuz it still retains its crunch when u cook it! have u had it raw? it tastes so good raw with some braggs seasoning and almonds.

    wow that girl on the highway is hardcore. i always admire people mustering up beyond human strength to do things most of us wouldnt even think of. i think it takes alot of guts really- but its so inspiring!

    • clairedille said, on June 14, 2010 at 12:17 am

      I haven’t had that kind of kale raw but I believe we call it dinasour kale here too! I make raw massaged kale salads usually with the curly kale, but I love both!

  5. Danielle said, on June 7, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    I love your food, and your pictures, and your food. Beautiful post, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend. Onto the answers…

    I don’t expect the chef or owner to come over and speak to my table but it is such a treat when s/he does. I really believe it adds more quality to the dining experience and makes the diner feel special. Putting a face to any product or service can attract customer loyalty.

    You copied my two favorite methods πŸ˜‰ I go through spurts of running because I like to constantly challenge myself but I usually don’t have the time to extend distance (maybe I should work on time). I do wholeheartedly enjoy my runs (and yoga) and so I understand what you mean about that girl you passed on your way home. One time when I was in Chile, I ran on the treadmill at the gym because it was so humid outside and on my walk back it started pouring… I loved it, it was so refreshing. My host mom was somewhat appalled, ha, but I hopped in the shower soon after and was dry again in no time. Thanks for sharing the runner tips/blogs!

  6. Katie said, on June 7, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    I am a runner! I know what you mean about being inspired by other bloggers… it’s what helped get me pumped for racing! I’ve been embracing cross training lately, though… I resisted it for so long, but I know it’s what I need to do to ward off injury.

  7. Ashley said, on June 7, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Love the sprouted wheat bagels!!! Yummy bowl of blueberry oats too. πŸ™‚

  8. Kelly said, on June 7, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Thanks for posting on my blog so I caould find yours! I am a definite runner…sidelined at the moment and it is KILLING me! I have been swimming a lot though and finding other ways to get my “fix” πŸ™‚

  9. Ameena said, on June 7, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Your photos are stunning…and I mean beautiful!!

    I used to be a runner until I stopped enjoying it and started running for the wrong reasons. One very messed up knee later my running is limited to maybe 1-2 times a week if I’m lucky. But the times that I do run I really enjoy now.

  10. Katharina said, on June 7, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    There is something so liberating about running in the rain πŸ˜€

    Your eats look delicious and oh my I LOVE your description of your dishes at the restaurant. They definitely sound incredible.

    I do feel better about a restaurant if the chef goes around and talks to the customers, but if they don’t then I don’t think any less of the locale. It just earns the place some bonus points if they do πŸ˜‰

    I consider myself a runner. I love how primal it is and I always get a major endorphin kick. I remember one time I ran past a friend and later on the texted me saying that they got their endorphins for the day from me and that I just had this amazing energy. I wouldn’t do it if it was a burden, and on that note I can only stand to run outdoors. If I can’t run outdoors.. then I won’t run lol. I think that’s really awesome that you were inspired to start running again. Cheers!!!



  11. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said, on June 7, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    “Those days are really physically challenging. However, they are not running challenging.”–
    Oh I used to work in the bar and restaurant biz and be on my feet nonstop for 8-10 or more hrs and exhausted i was, but edgy and stressed. There is a diff bettween working out/energy expenditure and just energy expenditure. Mental benefit vs not. And i have been that girl in the rain, both cursing and savoring it πŸ™‚

  12. Lauren @ Health on the Run said, on June 7, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing my links!! πŸ™‚

    I think you have a good plan for getting back into your running. I think we all need times when we don’t stress too much about race goals or training plan or even telling the whole world what exactly we’re going to do — and instead just focus on enjoying running again. I’m glad you’re doing that.

    Also, your food pictures are looking better and better every post! These are amazing — and the food looks amazing too!! πŸ™‚

    • clairedille said, on June 14, 2010 at 12:22 am

      thanks lady! these were not with the big fancy dSLR so that means a lot to me…guess my lil digital isn’t so bad (always).

  13. Run Sarah said, on June 8, 2010 at 1:12 am

    Your food and photography look amazing! Everything looks so wonderful and fresh. As for running, I enjoy it but enjoy a variety of exercise. I have contemplated training for a half marathon and built up my long runs before but I find I end up with strains and small injuries that hold back my fitness schedule in general. I think my body is happier doing a variety of exercises.

  14. lisasfoods said, on June 8, 2010 at 6:30 am

    I’m a beginner myself, so I enjoyed reading the link to hints for new runners. For me running has been a goal, because as a teenager I always struggled with running for sports and gym class. It feels like a big accomplishment when I can run for 30 minutes at a time now. If you’re feeling like running again, I say go for it!

    I like wild blueberries and the larger ones equally, as long as they’re both from local places.

  15. brandi said, on June 8, 2010 at 9:48 am

    I do run, but don’t do many races. I just like being able to pull on my shoes and go. As long as I have good shoes, I can go anywhere.

  16. Lauren said, on June 8, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    Found you blog and just wanted to say I love it!

  17. healthyexposures said, on June 9, 2010 at 6:36 am

    God for you for NOT pushing yourself to run yet, even though you really long for it. I always wish I was a runner – and tried to get into it this spring, but just don’t think it’s for me. I get random urges to go for a run, and I’m fine with that πŸ˜› I do enjoy bike rides, though!
    And thanks so much for the shout-out! Your pictures are fab too, you know. And did I miss the camera post, or have you chosen one yet?! So excited for you. And aren’t 35mm cameras fun to play with?

  18. wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas said, on June 9, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    I do love to see the chef or owner. Their taking a moment to talk to me makes me feel like they appreciate my business. I’m a really big loyalty person, too…if I like your restaurant or product, I’ll tell everyone I know and make it a regular part of my life.

    Tiny wild blueberries, for sure.

    Pics are lovely, as usual! I really want to get better at that myself.

  19. theresa said, on June 13, 2010 at 2:23 am

    So can I just let you know: You make oats look so amazing! I am already a HUGE oatmeal fan but your photos make me appreciate it even more! Haha. I cant wait to try my hand at the blueberry oatmeal you made. Keep it up!


  20. […] Tomorrow, I want to talk about running. It has been much too long since I’ve written about my love for the sport. […]

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