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banana bread & bbq’s…

Posted in FOOD, VEGAN, WORK by clairedille on July 23, 2010

Oh blogging, how I’ve missed thee. This week has been anything but dull. The first week of filming always brings surprises and I’ve been running around all day (and night for the last two days) for 12 + hours. Food-wise, I have been pretty disappointed with the catering because the vegan options are limited to vegetables and bread only for the most part. When call times have been as early as 6 a.m., oatmeal is not prepared, who am I kidding? Yesterday however, our call was a little past 2 p.m. (calls are in 6 minute increments) so I made some steel cut oats to travel to set with. Since I only awoke a few hours before because of a late night/early morning, I knew I’d want breakfast to be my first meal considering it was my favorite. When arriving to the new location, our wardrobe trailer was M.I.A,. which meant I sat in a parking lot with piles of freshly altered clothes while eating my warm oatmeal in the 85 degree weather. That wasn’t so lovely but at least I had something delicious to eat. The catering truck only had turkey burgers and hot dogs and although it was past lunch in real-life schedules, it was only breakfast for us. “Lunch” was six hours later as usual and I was out picking up lots of petty cash for the entire wardrobe department. Let’s just say I didn’t feel entirely safe walking around with thousands of dollars of petty cash in downtown Detroit past sunset. But when I made my way back to set, I grabbed a plate of the veggie options on hand. After letting catering know the day before that I don’t do meat or dairy, they told me the options would be better last night and they were. I should be better at packing snacks by now though after learning that the only vegan options on Wednesday were corn (off the cob, probably canned, and white bread). Thursday’s meal had the first vegetarian protein yet, vegetarian baked beans. They also had a salad without mounds of parmesan poured on like previously, and fresh corn on the cob. I was much happier but still am worried about my lack of protein this week. I’ve only been packing raw food bars, such as Larabars and Pure bars, and been munching on all the fruit and veggies I can find at craft services near set (and bringing my own since ideally, organic would be best). I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with all the cons of eating in the film industry. Although some think it is glamorous, it really can be anything but. I was on a dock in the pouring rain until 4 a.m. this morning and when I came home, I crashed…hard. Today is the first time I’ve had a chance to come onto the computer to post and I miss blog reading like crazy.

So let’s talk a little about the good food I had last weekend.

Both nights of the weekend, we have made use of our new weber grill. Since V slept until dinner time on Saturday because of working until the a.m., I made sure to prepare a few things I know he loves. Ironically, he prefers kale chips over sweet potato fries. That is fine with me considering sweet potatoes are pretty much the ideal food in my mind.

Kale is one of the leafy greens I have in my possession most often. Spinach is the other. When our new neighbors told us they had a small garden in the city where they grow Kale, we confessed our love of the veg. We’ve been given two bunches already and used one for Kale chips Saturday night. The other simple components were sweet potato fries, chips and guac (a staple from a local mexican market nearby close to V’s heart), veggie and bison burgers, corn, and veggie kebabs. The last two were saved for the following night since we were already rather full by the time we had munched our way through the rest.

(please excuse my dirty Vans, I was running work errands all day)

The simplicity of this meal is pretty ridiculous, but sometimes it doesn’t take much to make your taste buds happy. Just give me a few of my favorite veggies, and I will usually be happy. Avocado, being a fruit, is definitely one I can eat daily. My daily apple and banana are others.

The weekend mornings involved stove-top oat making, since finding out our call times would me much too early for me to prepare oats for this week.

The plum I had bought was probably too firm, because it didn’t compare to my recent favorite peach topped oats. The blueberries were up to par, as always, as was the Naturally Nutty Cinnamon Vanilla Sunflower Butter. Into the pot went steel cut oats, coconut milk, half a banana, cinnamon, vanilla, chia seeds, and a pinch of salt.

Later, while V was still sleeping, I made banana bread with the bananas that were on their last leg.

the black hole in the center, caused by my impatience while testing its done-ness. oops.

This wasn’t just any banana bread, but Amanda’s Blissful Banana Bread. When V finally woke up from his slumber, he ate two pieces on the spot. We are both completely in love with this bread. I can’t believe the tiny amount of sweetener used either. Instead of picking up maple syrup the other day, I bought sorghum syrup by mistake. After searching my way around the internet to reassure myself it wouldn’t completely destroy Amanda’s recipe, I found it was similar to molasses. Since molasses are more potent that than maple, agave, honey, etc., I halved the amount of sweetener needed. It still was adequately sweet, dense, and tasty. Into the mix went sliced almonds and raisins. They added great flavor to the already wonderful bread that I need to make again soon. It has been eaten many nights (or early morning) after work by both of us and the loaf is long gone.

Another meal involved pizza on the grill. I’m still extremely interested in making my own dough, but the night before the first day of work, I was getting pre-shoot jitters and opted for the already prepared dough. V had two/thirds with all the same veggie toppings as myself, with extra cheese on top. I then cut off a third for myself and added the mozzarella daiya to try. It was much better than the cheddar I’ve tried previously, but I still think I prefer cheese-less pizza. Growing up, I wasn’t ever a pizza person, and would prefer focaccia, flatbreads, and even pasta when having italian carbs.

The dough was pre-cooked and then topped with Eden pizza-pasta sauce, the local company that is non-BPA and GMO free. Of course I made use of Angela’s Garlic Scape Pesto that I saved for the pizza topping and all the herbs in our little roof top garden. We had basil, rosemary, and chives that I added to the sauce  mixture. The kebab veggies from the previous night were chopped up and placed on top. There was red pepper, mushrooms (for me only), red pepper, and yellow and green squash.

The corn that was grilled the night before wasn’t the best and this is probably because we couldn’t find any local farmer’s market corn. Although organic, it was from far away and that is  not the best when it comes to corn, is it? The pizza though, was great. We both loved that the crust was chewy and crusty and the flavor of the fresh herbs and garlic scape pesto really brought it to the next level. On the side, we had a spinach salad with cucumber, carrots, avocado, and sesame seeds. On top, I later poured on Angela’s better than bottled balsamic, a favorite of both of ours.

Hopefully I can get in the kitchen more this weekend. My camera is being used by one of my coworkers so I can’t even post a few measly oats pictures today.

In the meantime, I would love to hear about some of your favorite made from scratch pizza dough recipes. If you have any recipes online, send them my way!

Oh, and I’d love to hear some of your favorite simple meals as well!

ciao for now.


award-winning breakfasts.

Posted in ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on July 17, 2010

These past few mornings, I have still been eating my fair share of plated oats.

When W magazine arrived…I was pleasantly surprised to see the faces of two actors I adore on the cover. The photo spread and interview were pretty fun as well. I won’t deny it, I am such a Mad Men fan (it returns the 25th!) and Jon Hamm is pretty yummy. Recently I saw the film Please Give, with Rebecca Hall and was reminded about her beautiful acting. If you haven’t seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona with her, you must soon. Although the upcoming film, The Town, with these two together is a crime/drama/thriller (read: not my favorite kind of film), I can’t wait to see their chemistry on camera.

To get back to more important things…OATS. Two days this week I had plated steel cut oats with the peach/blueberry combo. I restocked my blueberries this morning for the upcoming week, but we will begin filming bright (or still dark) and early Monday, so please imagine similar breakfasts for the week ahead.

Sunflower butter is the perfect nut butter with peach-blueberry oats. Half a banana is always sliced in to the oats while cooking, as well as the usual chia, cinnamon, and vanilla mix-ins. This week I have been using unsweetened coconut milk but that soon will be replaced with almond milk.

The only other berries on hand are the frozen variety. I had frozen some of our farmer’s market raspberries and microwaved them with some banana and coconut butter to make a berry banana mash topping to pour on top of my scottish oats. It was great to have a compote type topping similar to this lovely lady’s.

Speaking of the lovely Jess of Healthy Exposures, she was recently given a Sugar Doll Blogger Award which she passed on to me! I feel so honored since her blog is one of my favorites. Even when extremely busy, I make sure to keep up with her posts. Not only is she a beautiful photographer, but her love of all things food and horse related is captivating.

The rules are as follows:

Tell 10 little known facts about yourself and then pass it on to 3-5 other bloggers!

It is always hard for me to come up with little quirks or interesting facts about myself, but V disagreed and helped me come up with a few you may enjoy. Jess started off with some childhood stories and I have quite a few myself, so here I go…

1. I was pretty much a terror as an older sister when young. My poor little sister was told many crazy things to be considered cool and in the same “group ” as my best friend and I. We would make her walk on the sidewalks for blocks on the way to school, when she was still so small she had to basically do the splits the entire way. Other ridiculous things I did involved pickles and underwear…it was bad. I still feel awful about it actually.

2. I was never considered athletic. While my sister was on every team growing up, I was the one who started and quit each sport. It wasn’t until middle school that I realized my runner abilities. My gym teacher had us run a mile and I beat the majority of the boys. Soon after, I ran my first road race and won for my age group. It was pretty exciting to realize that although I may not be good at any sports with balls, I can still be a competitive athlete.

3. Traveling internationally is something I have been doing since birth. My parents took me to France and England before my first birthday, and a few tropical places by the time I was 5. Since then I have traveled throughout Western Europe, where I spent the most amount of time in the Netherlands (studying) and Italy (with family for a summer). I would rather live in a small bungalow or apartment with character than an enormous home so that I could still afford to travel to my heart’s content.

4. I was afraid dogs until I had my own. Every summer on Martha’s Vineyard, I would run past a certain home when I heard their brown chocolate lab bark. I still am unsure of why I had this fear since I now adore all (most) animals and have the sweetest yellow lab.

5. I thank chocolate for helping me grow. I was tiny growing up, the smallest in each grade I was in. During high school, I had yet to reach the growth chart at the doctor’s office and they become worries (and therefore made my mother). Although my family is very petite, I was incredibly so. When we went to Italy one summer at the end of high school, I ate chocolate as much as possible. Throughout that time, I would eat nutella on bread, chocolate flavored gelato, and many different chocolate desserts at restaurants. When returning, I had grown considerably and was no longer the underweight little girl I was before.

6. I gave up peanut butter and jelly for years after throwing up a sandwich in first grade on my friend’s desk while playing the game “seven up.” It was rather disgusting and it took me years to re-embrace its deliciousness.

7. I also “hated carrots” for years. I thought they made my stomach hurt when eaten raw and refused many cooked carrots because I had no clue that roasted carrots could be so delicious. Now, I adore them in salads, raw with hummus, and roasted with other root veggies.

8. I painted my nails almost daily at the end of elementary and early middle school years. Something about moving to Laguna Beach, CA made me want to become some kind of valley girl. I was ultra girlie back then and even owned a shirt that said “As if.” Clueless and the Spice Girls movie made an impact. Let’s leave it at that.

9. I can’t stomach beer. I secretly wish I could like it because I find the brewing process and craft involving beer pretty interesting, but it just always makes me feel sick to my stomach. Instead, I sip on wine and the occasional vodka soda with lime and/or cranberry when I do drink. There were days when I drank much more (late high school/early college), but now I only do on the rare occasion socially. Maybe one day I will drink a glass a night like my grandmother, but now I am fine doing without.

10. I can’t burp and don’t remember ever doing so. My mother says she burped me as a baby, but since then I haven’t burped. People have tried making me down sodas, etc. but nothing works. This may be the reason why I can’t handle beer, who knows. Recently I learned that my dad doesn’t burp either. Kind of strange…

I hope these weren’t too bizarre for ya.

I am going to pass the award to three of you, but there are many others I love too of course!

Danielle at A Nourishing Glimpse

Amanda at Seek Myself

Katharina at Katharina’s Food Adventures

Can’t wait to hear some more fun facts about these wonderful women.

Now it is time to get our grill on for the first time. V is full of energy after filming until 7:30 a.m., which means that he got to sleep all of today. I am jealous of the sleeping all day part, but definitely not filming all night. Those are the worst, especially when your Monday call time is back to 5 a.m. Not much of a weekend, is it?!

Other things:

-Do you watch Mad Men? Love it/hate it? I wrote about my love for the show once back in the day when I started blogging (before taking almost a year off) and still am pretty into it. I do think the last season went a little downhill, but the wardrobe keeps me coming back…and Don Draper/Jon Hamm is just…yeah…

-Are you a beer drinker? I really wish I could enjoy it, but as I wrote above, it just doesn’t sit well with me. Sometimes I feel it makes me “such a girl” to say I can’t stomach it, but it is the truth.

-Some people asked about my camera in the last post’s comments and I was borrowing my dad’s Canon G11 for a few days. I had to return it and already miss its photo quality. It definitely shows that nicer camera’s ($$)  can take much better images than most digital’s. This gives me much more of an incentive to head out and purchase my own in the next month or so when I can.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow will be about bananas and pizza. Stay tuned…

getting through it.

Posted in FOOD, VEGAN, WORK by clairedille on July 14, 2010

It certainly can be challenging getting through these pre-production days. The uncertainty of each day’s tasks tends to be unsettling to my psyche. There are a few little things I have been as of late to make sure that I handle my days better. To be more efficient, we all know that morning workouts and packing snacks keeps on our toes, but that does not mean we always take part. After the massive Whole Foods shop, I am more prepared for these next few weeks. Things are still a work-in-progress until the crazy days of shooting and this explains why I am able to post around 12 p.m. on a Wednesday. While V is sleeping until his 6 p.m. call time (after getting home at 5 a.m.), I am up planning meals ahead and snacks I know will keep me energized. Instead of stowing my yoga mat in my car, where it has been stored while hoping to attend a nearby class, I am now leaving it rolled up below my bed. When I come up the spiral stairs I am more aware of its need to be rolled out and put to use. This is obviously for my own well-being, not just because of feeling bad about its neglected state.

Instead of sipping on multiple mugs of coffee (don’t you hate how one mug is really 2 + cups of coffee?), I’ve been drinking more of these.

V (if you watch True Blood you may get why I call him V since he used to work on the show)  is to blame for my shot addiction. While working on his last film, the caterer brought many of these Sencha and Oolong shot teas. We are constantly in search of filling our fridge with more, since they are the perfect size for traveling and offer an abundance of antioxidants. Of course they are quite pricey when you drink multiples a day (not me…), but we have found where they are cheapest in the area, and I try to limit to 1-2 per day. Maybe brewing my own tea and storing them in to-go cups would be more ideal, but I don’t always have time for those practicalities.

However, there are some things I do make time for.

Stovetop oat making is a process I truly enjoy most mornings. Like many other bloggers, I too prefer to wake up earlier to eat a more tasty breakfast. I am making the most of these prep days because I know that it is very rare I manage to make oats mornings before reaching set when I had only been off set for 8-10 hours (and sleep reigns supreme). Still fitting in 7-8 hours of sleep, I woke up yesterday to prepare steel-cut oats cooked with half a banana, cinnamon, vanilla, unsweetened almond milk, and a pinch of vivagave. When I told V to get a few peaches and avocados while at Whole Foods on Saturday, I realized a few meant 5 or more. This means there will be many days ahead of peach covered plated oats and I can’t say I mind it too much. The blueberry and peach combo is one I am such a fan of and the cinnamon vanilla frosting sunflower butter brought this breakfast to a whole new level. Bliss.

Have I told you that we don’t have cable? I don’t even miss TV watching when working, simply because time doesn’t allow moments for it. But…I have been needing a TV show fix recently, which has resulted in online watching. I know that one hour every few days is nothing crazy, but watching some mindless TV is another way of unwinding I have forgotten about these last few months. Often, when I am  not working, I get completely sick of TV/movies, but when I am working, I cherish the moments I can sit and watch. The last thing I watched was a new episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. I pretty much love that vegan-hater…and I am one.

It has been much too long since I’ve allowed myself adequate baking time, but I did finally get around to making some of Angela’s delicious Garlic Scape Pesto.

This lemon had more seeds than I thought possible, but the pesto didn’t disappoint.

My mini food processor didn’t do such a wonderful job with the large quantity of vegan parmesan, or the scapes and spinach actually, but the flavor was there. It will be great on the pizza crust we bought when time allows V and I to eat a meal together.

In the meantime, I’ve had it on many dishes made in a jiffy (may be the first time I’ve said that, but I have jiffy steamers on my mind thanks to work).

Last nights kale, mushroom, quinoa, and garlic scape pesto dinner was eaten at 10 p.m. I don’t believe in the “don’t eat past 8 p.m.” rule and quite frankly, it would never work with my work schedule. In October, I worked from 7 p.m. to around 8 a.m. for two weeks. That means “lunch” is at 1 a.m. It may not sound like much fun, but working without fuel is even less fun.

This mornings steel-cut oats were the same as yesterdays, with coconut butter substituting sunflower butter.

These oats are perched on top of the tank I preceded to put on after taking this photo.

Packing lunch for a hectic afternoon in the production office with tasks I have yet to know of is one way I am getting through today.

The brown rice tortilla is topped with red pepper hummus, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, sprouts, avocado, and sea salt. On the side I packed a new larabar and some broccoli, beets, and chickpeas. I never know what the veggie options will be when working, so why not bring my own while I still can, right?

Other things:

-How do you make it through your crazy days? Yoga, packing snacks and meals, allowing minutes to watch TV and unwind, drinking my antioxidants, and sometimes running seem to be helping calm my nerves these days. I do hope to add in more strength training because I have realized that I am somewhat weak recently while picking up boxes of racks, steamers, clothing, etc.

-When was the last time you had a pasta night? Any favorite mix ins? This pasta night post by Kathy has me craving some. Good thing I have much too much vegan parmesan these days. She also wrote about pizza after we just bought some crust…now I am even more excited to make some.

-Do you add any sweetener to your oats? What is your sweetener of choice? Have you read Gena’s post about Agave? I am usually a stevia girl (NuNaturals is preferred), but I have been known to also use maple or agave on occasion.

-Do you try to limit your coffee consumption? Do you drink lower caffeinated beverages or cut all caffeine? I skip coffee very rarely, but it is even more rare that I drink more than 1 or 2 cups a day. When filming all night though, I have had to use it to keep awake. I still think it is better than those who are gulping down the red bulls…but I could do better. Gena wrote another great post about coffee worth checking out.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I can’t believe there is less than a month until the Healthy Living Summit. Are you going?

still platin’

Posted in FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on July 13, 2010

The oats situation isn’t letting up…

Before heading out for work errands today, I knew that the only breakfast that would satisfy me would be the Scottish oats I finally picked up. Again, they were plated to ensure no overheating while eating them. We went to one of the larger Whole Foods in Michigan on Saturday after working until the early evening and found all sorts of goodies.

After the realization that I also love steel-cut oats, I now have two favorites. Scottish Oats are quicker on the stovetop than steel-cut oats and create a wonderful fluffy texture when cooked with lots of water, almond milk, chia (or flax) seeds, and half a banana. Of course I always add cinnamon and vanilla as well, but I also usually add a tiny amount of stevia for a touch of sweetness. Since I was out of my NuNaturals stevia and couldn’t find any at the store, I picked up a new sweetener that V picked out.

Today, I tried one half teaspoon in my oats but didn’t feel it sweetened them as much as my usual packet of stevia. This Vivagave powder clumped when heated, similar to stevia, but had even smaller granules. I may have to try adding this after cooking so that it spreads more evenly. Another way I sometimes sweeten my oats is with banana mashed with splash of maple syrup.

Often writing that I am sad to finish off pints or more of berries, it is quite silly considering that I make sure to pick up more as soon as I know that I am almost without. The raspberry container was the one that went today, but I still have many blueberries and peaches to fill up my oats for the next few days. The butter topping of choice was coconut butter that I made sure to swirl around my oats soon after photographing. I won’t pretend that anything else compares to oats in the morning. They really do the best job at staving off any morning hunger and please my taste buds at the same time.

Another place we had to go this weekend for work and apartment (mirrors for fitting rooms) essentials was Ikea. It seems that we have yet to make a trip to Ikea without picking up more jars. V is just as into them as I am and bought large ones for all our rice and dried beans. My favorites are the little ones that I’ve filled with nuts, seeds, and the granola I made yesterday.

Nothing compares to my Salvation Army Ball Jars though. The classic jars sit lined up on my shelves with all my lentils and grains. We didn’t seem to have any dried fruit for granola except for dates which resulted in some googling for a recipe. One of my all time favorite sites, Epicurious, was the place I found a recipe for Chunky Date, Coconut, and Almond (Pepita) Granola. Although not as good as my favorite recipe, it sure is a tasty crunchy granola.

Thank you for all the Vegan Pizza topping suggestions. I am saving them for a pizza planned in the next few days using these…

garlic scapes. Angela’s garlic scape pesto will most likely be involved.

Other things:

-Although I am disappointed the Netherlands lost the final World Cup game, I found the game pretty unexciting. I had much higher hopes for the game and felt it was kind of a let down. There have been much more thrilling matches in the past (2006 France vs. Italy, etc.) and Sunday’s was just a dirty game with no real power play moments. Did you watch? Were you excited or disappointed?

Have you ever had Garlic scapes? Any other recipe suggestions using them?

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rooting for the orange

Posted in FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on July 10, 2010

Tomorrow is the final World Cup game and I couldn’t be more excited. After another crazy week, I am in need of a relaxing Sunday activity with my family and V. I’ve mentioned before that I studied abroad in the Netherlands while in college and fell in love with the Dutch. Tomorrow I will be rooting for them, the orange team. However, I do love the country of Spain as well and will be happy with either team winning since both have yet to reach the finals in World Cup history.

When heading over to my parents home to pick up some packages I had sent there (we seem to never receive the packages sent to our apartment), I made a quick bowl of coconut milk kefir, nectarine, cherries, and some granola my sister had just pulled out of the oven. I must admit that I was happy to eat out of my parents latte bowls that I am missing dearly. Orange was used for The Netherlands team’s color of course.

Until today, I’ve been scottish oat-less and still working on my jar of steel cut oats. Ashley mentioned plating her oats (read her amazing oat explanation) in the morning instead of pouring them in bowls because it lowers the temperature. This morning I decided to try it before heading out for some weekend work at my designer’s warehouse.

These were cooked with my favorite unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, and half a banana. This was the last quarter cup or so of our blueberries and I was sad to see them go. The nectarine really made these though. Oh, how I love stone fruit season. On top, I spooned on some Cinnamon Vanilla Sunflower Butter that I had forgotten about. It was much sweeter than I remembered, almost similar to frosting. The plating method was a success and V and I both were happy to have sweat-less foreheads by the end of our bowls.

Other meals this week have been packed in the morning. Here is an example of two salads enjoyed:

The beets I bought at the Farmer’s Market have been the star of most my lunch salads, but sweet potatoes really made this one complete. Baby spinach filled the bowl, and I then added some corn, radishes, chickpeas, and cucumber. This shot was photographed on one of my favorite pages from my costuming book about the stunning film, Out of Africa. At such a young age, I fell in love with the clothing Meryl Streep wore in this film.

I’ve also been sprouting lots of mung beans again since they add the perfect amount of crunch to spinach salads. Tempeh bacon is a match made in heaven with avocado and tomatoes. The other components were cucumber, beets, and carrot.

Our dinners, still less than stellar meals have been made up of lots of burrito-style wraps, kale chips, sweet potato fries, and even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sometimes that is all you want after being at work for 10+ hours, especially since V is on set and completely wiped by the time he arrives home. Maybe I can be a better girlfriend this week and prepare some meals in advance. I can’t make any promises though…

Time for a mojito with V…I can hear him being a mixologist downstairs with the mint he grew just for the drink. Better go check on that…

In the meantime…

Have you tried any of the new larabar flavors? I found some and am saving them for a day at work when I am going to really need one.

Any vegan pizza ideas? I bought some whole wheat crust today that I can’t wait to top with some pesto made from our basil and lots of veggies. I would love suggestions and to hear your favorite toppings.

We also got our new Weber grill today! What are your favorite things to throw on the grill?

I apologize for another scattered post. ciao for now.

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time to wrap.

Posted in FASHION, FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on July 8, 2010

Still learning the terminology of the film industry, I was confused when receiving a text from V this week that said, “martini shot.” After googling the term, I realized that he was on the last shot of the day, meaning he would be home soon. Since I am still prepping the next project, I have more time to prepare dinner, but have yet to be on top of things as much as hoped. There have been many nights filled with wraps of all the components in our fridge from the farmer’s market and the quick Whole Foods trip I took the other day on the way home.

Last night I realized that the so-called martini shot can be called prematurely and had made falafel much too far in advance. It may have been that I used a mix instead of my making my own falafel, but the dinner was nothing fabulous. However, my feeling is that a little hummus and avocado can make most dishes much better.

The hot sauce helped a lot too.

When I do begin filming, I hope to still eat delicious breakfasts. This is a promise I tend to make to myself far too often, but hopefully I can stick to it this time. Call times ranging from 5am-9pm can really mess with you.

In the meantime, I have been making sure to get my whole grain breakfast fix each day.

The farmer’s market berries have been dwindling, but red and blue oats are still possible each morning. These were steel-cut oats cooked in light coconut milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and thinly sliced banana that were then topped with raspberries, blueberries, and raw creamy almond butter. More cinnamon was poured on throughout enjoying.

Although unbearably hot out, I still prefer warm oats to the overnight variety. This was a bowl of coconut milk kefir overnight oats that I ate with melted frozen banana, coconut butter, and berries. Overnight rolled oats just don’t become as voluminous as cooked scottish or steel-cut oats. Rolled oats just don’t seem to keep me satisfied as long since discovering the others.

While glancing through my favorite costume design book, “Dressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume Design,” I ate my warm bowl of Steel Cut oats cooked in vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, and half a thinly sliced banana.

Banana and blueberries, a match made in heaven…especially with coconut butter.

A few fashion-related words:

Yesterday I ventured out for some wardrobe racks for work and while driving, I found myself so hot that I was sticking to the leather seats of my car. Although I do work with clothing, I don’t seem to put much time into what I personally wear each day. By sticking with the basics, I can have more fun with accessories. They can be taken off if cumbersome, or thrown on if I need to add a little character to my mostly simple ensemble.

Here are some things I favor in the summer….

-My seriously tall espadrilles (with the ankle straps taken out) for nights out, masai bangles, and my one favorite tiny bangle (my mother found the only bangle that doesn’t slip off my small wrist).

-A simple white collared shirt (written about by the lovely Garance here) is a staple I wear no matter what time of the year.

Denim shirts, light wash boyfriend jeans, jackets, cut off shorts, and my lovely J brand bells.

Loose racerback tanks and dresses

-All things stripes.

-Most importantly, I always carry a straw hat and my sunglasses (ray ban wayfarers or my round ones). You never know when you may need some shade and usually I am wearing at least one of them at all times.

What are your fashion staples? My summer staples are actually things I tend to wear year round, except I swap the straw hat for a more solid fedora and wear tights under my cut off denim shorts, etc. Oh, and I wear other wedges than the espadrilles, but comfort wise, wedges are the most comfortable tall shoes I own.

What is your favorite wrap combo? I love hearing about all different combos but leftovers seem to be taking over our fridge currently.

hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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Posted in ENTERTAINMENT, FAMILY, FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on July 5, 2010

Although belated, tonight is actually going to be our official BBQ for the Fourth of July at my parents house. I’ve already received the phone call notifying me that my father bought a veggie burger from the prepared foods section of Whole Foods to throw on the grill for me. Of course I was hoping to whip up something special for myself and whoever wanted some tasty vegan fare, but this weekend has been another hectic one.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I am not your typical American sports fan. Actually, I am pretty far from one. Soccer and Tennis are more my thing, but when V told me he was given four free tickets to a Detroit Tigers game, our second of the summer, I eagerly agreed. There were a few reasons why I knew it was worth going and one was that he was told “they will be the best seats you’ve ever had.” The last time (and my first baseball game ever) we sat maybe nine rows back and I was pretty satisfied. This time though, we were in the first row behind the Tigers dugout, which was a prime viewing spot for seeing each player’s facial expression. There were also quite a few foul bowls that I made sure to duck from, while the rest of the fans jumped up in hopes of catching one. The highlight of the night was the fireworks show set up post-game on the field. By the time the wonderfully long and loud show came to a close, we were slightly covered with firework residue and had a little too much for our eyes to handle. However, it was really a special night and I met a few people V is working with on his current film who were great company.

There was no way I was going to miss another Farmer’s Market trip, so we woke up early Saturday morning to head to a different market than usual on our way to Ikea. The organic stands were pretty minimal which disappoints me a little, but I did pick up some broccoli, multiple cucumbers, kale, beets, raspberries, and the blueberries I’ve been craving all week.

You know what had to come next…patriotic oats for the holiday of course.

After eating my way through my Scottish Oats recently, I knew it was time to change things up. One day I will take photos of my obsessive jar collection, but one was full to the brim of Steel Cut oats that were begging to be prepared. With Amanda’s steel-cut oat creations (and tutorial) in my mind, I decided to make a batch for me and V covered in raspberries, blueberries, and coconut butter. They took about ten minutes longer than my usual oats, but they were extra creamy and just as delicious.

I also must mention the coupons I won from Wendy for Turtle Mountain Products. So far I’ve been enjoying the Plain Coconut Milk Kefir with berries and puffins. It has been added to my steel-cut oats two mornings in a row with a slightly sour result V and I both enjoy.

Instead of your typical BBQ/beach/family gathering Fourth of July, V and I had work errands and an Ikea trip on the agenda. By the time dinner rolled around (yes, we ate lunch yesterday too but it was nothing exciting since we were building our new apartment purchases) we were starving and looked through some bookmarked dishes to prepare with minimal ingredients. Susan’s Polenta Pizza was one I’ve had my eye on for a while and we had a jar full of Polenta which made the decision easy.

It was rather dark by the time we ate since it was past 9 PM but it was a tasty treat we both loved.

Lighting was scarce in the usually well-lit apartment, but I still captured what I could of the polenta pizza baked with our own basil, rosemary, and chives. Spread on top was organic tomato sauce, garlic, onion, red pepper, and broccoli. My half also had mushrooms but V steered clear since he is not a fan of cooked mushrooms due to the “weird texture.” Well, more for me…

After dinner, we made our way up to the roof and realized that we had views of multiple firework shows around Detroit. When counting them all, we saw ten different shows across the skyline. It was such a magical experience and made up for all the missed shows in the last few years.

-Have you missed Fireworks shows on past July 4th or similar holidays? Are you a fan? I must admit that I completely thought they were overrated and much more fun when I was younger on Martha’s Vineyard. Since we saw them two nights this weekend, I am reminded how wonderful they are!

-Are you a polenta fan? Any good recipes? I really love it. Usually I prepare it simply creamy topped with pesto or tomato sauce and roasted veggies. Really, I am a fan of most things corn related.

As I am already late for my parents dinner, I must head out. I hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July Weekend! I have missed all things blog related recently!

ciao for now.

6 months left…

Posted in FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on July 2, 2010

Excuse my absence.

Since moving and beginning to prep my next project, I have been quite the pitiful foodie, runner, yogi, etc. Many meals have centered around leftovers that we were able to carry upstairs to the larger apartment in which we are now situated in. There have been many moments in the last week where I’ve reached in the freezer for leftover soup. ATT is now in my nightmares and hopefully all issues involving scattered or non-existent internet will be resolved today mid-morning. However, yesterday was the first day I have felt “at home.” Waking up with the sun coming in the sliding door to our new roof deck is making each morning a little easier. This is usually after previously waking up by V’s departure in the darker morning hours and re-attempting to get a few more hours of quality sleep.

It is still strange for me to live in a city where I don’t feel completely comfortable going out solo in the evenings. I’ve said this many times but Detroit needs so much help and maybe the film industry will be beneficial for the area. The few grocery stores within the city tend to be dirty, overpriced, and filled with processed junk. It is frustrating to have to drive to the suburbs to obtain good groceries from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. We have decided that a Farmer’s Market run is a must-do tomorrow morning because my fresh produce has been pretty minimal this week.

Although the move was not very far, we spent two days moving all our items up many stairs. V is pretty good at lifting heavy objects like bins of camping gear and racks full of clothing (yes, we use rolling wardrobe racks for our clothing…just like work), but I was incredibly tired. I am now at the sore stage, which isn’t making these any easier.

In order to ease some post-move soreness, I brought the yoga mat out for the first time in a while yesterday evening. Actually, it has been used in other ways in the last week, one being dinner on said roof deck since we have yet to buy patio furniture.

I spent thirty minutes doing Sun Salutations taught by Dave Farmar, specifically this class form yogadownload.com. It has been much too long since I’ve let out stress on the mat and I’ve decided this has to change for the second half of 2010. Can you believe that we are already halfway through the year? I certainly can not. Due to my upcoming crazy schedule of prep and shooting through August, training for a marathon may not be possible. Fitting in at least 30 minutes of yoga a few days a week is a much more rational goal for the upcoming weeks filled with 10-14 hour work days running around set. I do miss studio classes, but schedule-wise, I rarely can make a class. Besides, roof deck yoga doesn’t seem too awful.

The downstairs of our loft is pretty bare right now and I have been rushing upstairs to eat my oats in the sunshine. Coconut butter is something I will make from now on. It melts so nicely over warm oats and forms a great shell on overnight oats.

Of course I still love my raw almond butter and cacao bliss. V’s Surfer magazine was the perfect backdrop for these overnight oats. Apparently, strawberries are the only berries present in our fridge. I’ve been craving blueberries and because July is Blueberry Month, I better find some this weekend!

Angela and Ashley have been making overnight oats with banana soft serve that have made me swoon these last few weeks. Already a huge fan of Gena’s banana soft serve, I was dying to try a new version with cherries or berries. This did not disappoint. The only banana left was frozen and I whipped it with some organic frozen berries to layer between the overnight oats made with coconut milk and chia seeds. Cacao bliss and coconut butter were both poured on top to form a shell on the cold strawberries.

This lady’s pumpkin hummus tortilla pizza was another thing I’ve been meaning to make for a while and yesterday I made a pumpkin-less version with red pepper hummus. On top of the hummus, I layered mushrooms, leftover asparagus, and vegan lentil walnut loaf crumbles. This is definitely a lunch worth repeating. The crispness of the baked tortilla and the creamy hummus makes a tasty base for a bed of veggies I can’t wait to experiment with.

Our dinner celebrated another July Foodie holiday (unintentionally), Baked Bean Month! Baked Beans were a dish I ate a lot growing up. My dad enjoys his with toast (and sausage) like any other Brit, but I opted for sweet potatoes and a refreshing salad for the first night of July’s dinner.

Since we still have yet to grocery shop, I relied on the canned version of Baked Beans by Eden. They are the good but not as good as homemade. Eden is local, BPA free, and GMO free; therefore, I have no problem relying on them when in need. This VegNews recipe for Tempeh BBQ Baked Beans sounds great though.

The salad was composed of baby spring mix, shaved carrots, radishes, avocado, and better than bottled balsamic vinaigrette.

This was ready at least an hour before V came home but after some quick re-heating of the sweets and beans, we sat outside and ate while viewing far away fireworks from Windsor, Canada in celebration of Canada Day.

Now, it is time to head downstairs for the last of my Scottish oats and strawberries and another crazy day ahead. I am still trying to catch up with all things involving the blogosphere, but I hope everyone is having a great start to July and the second half of 2010.

Other things:

-Do you have any exciting weekend plans for the fourth? Do you have a special menu or dish planned? We have more furniture shopping to do, world cup watching, baseball game (second this summer = second game ever) attending, and hopefully some time spent with family and one of my best friends in town from Guatemala. As far as planned menus, I am unsure of where we will be Sunday and Monday evenings but I have many bbq type dishes bookmarked like these Portobello burgers and Grilled Bananas.

-Are you craving any certain fruit or veggies recently? Are they the ones abundant within this season or do you find yourself wanting out of season produce? For the most part, I am wanting seasonal berries and veggies. I can’t wait for some organic tomatoes and peaches but I still crave avocados and bananas which are never “in season” in the midwest.

-Do you have any goals you wish to accomplish by the end of 2010? Are you re-evaluating resolutions? I don’t tend to make resolutions for the year but I know that things such as adding more yoga into my life will be extremely beneficial for my physical and mental health these next few months. I miss racing so much and still hope to run a half marathon by the end of 2010, but if it isn’t possible, I will try to fit in smaller races.