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my chocolate chip cookie story

Posted in FAMILY, FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on October 2, 2010

First of all, thanks so much for making the transition back to blogging so wonderful! It seems like I am constantly catching up on all the great blogs I read out there and it is always a joy to get such warm responses after being absent a little too long.

Today I feel like sharing a little story…

We all have them. The stories of how we embraced our favorite foods over time and the memories that linger with us most while taking a bite.

Baking isn’t really something my mother did too much of growing  up. I am sure she did occasionally but honestly, I don’t remember it. I remember her making pesto, french toast, a potato gratin, meatloaf, and well, lots of classics like chicken parmesan. My grandmother, the traditionalist, taught her well in those departments. My mother often tells me she was raised in the generation where most veggies were canned or frozen as a child (post WW II baby boomer). Just because she wasn’t a baker, doesn’t mean she isn’t a foodie. Both my parents have wonderful palates that may be attributed to their love of traveling.

I grew to love chocolate chip cookies on my own.

In college, I had a lovely roommate who I miss terribly. She ate pretty much the opposite of the way I did. Yes, I was already a pretty intense chocoholic throughout my life, but usually in the form of a flourless chocolate cake at dinner with my family. Laura was the kind of person who liked to run over to the local grocer on the weekend for some tollhouse cookie dough (she also liked cupcake mixes). I wasn’t used to this. My mother rarely filled our fridge or pantry with processed foods. I am not saying we ate 100% all-natural healthy food, but it was rare for her to come home with a box of prepackaged cookies (except for the rare box of LU Petit Écolier my father was rather fond of).

Our small city college had a cafe where we met pretty frequently between or before/after classes for a bite to eat. Instead of always eating a panini or salad for a meal, we would get massive chocolate chip cookies.  You know the kind I am talking about. The cookies were the size of our hands with all fingers spread. When ordering a coffee or tea, I would dunk chunks of cookie into the warm beverage for some melty chocolate goodness. I loved every second of it.

One year, Laura took the bus from Boston to NYC with me to see my family for Thanksgiving. We searched the Upper East Side for the perfect spot to have one of our chocolate chip cookie dates. Sadly, Laura is far away from me these days, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a nice big chocolate chip cookie.

V appreciated a few as well.

When deciding on a cookie recipe, I tend to fall back on Dreena’s recipes. I can’t help myself. Her Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is hard to beat. The texture is spot on, even with spelt flour. I love cookies that have a little crunch on the outside and still maintain a chewy soft center and this one fits the bill.

Maybe I will send some to Laura.

Other things:

What is your go-to cookie recipe?  I have a feeling at least one of you will mention Dreena’s Super-charge me cookie. That is another favorite of mine when craving more complex flavors. I love oats in cookies.

What is your favorite cookie texture? Cake-y cookies aren’t my favorite but if I am inching for some pumpkin flavor, I won’t discriminate. Speaking of, I made something rather pumpkiny today I will be sharing with you tomorrow.

Happy October (Vegetarian Awareness Month & National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) !

Oh and it just happens to be dinner time. I am eating one of my favorite meals tonight, a deconstructed sushi bowl.

Hope you are all having a grand weekend!