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switching the route

Posted in Uncategorized by clairedille on October 22, 2010

It sounds like sandwiches, wraps, bars, fruit (dried and fresh), and nuts are the road trip foods of choice. I will be getting to all of that this weekend since our departure date is Monday. Instead of taking the route we had planned, and already visited AAA for maps for, my mother and I have opted to take the southern route. We both haven’t traveled much in the southwest, and plan on stopping in Tulsa, OK, Albuquerque, NM, and Flagstaff, AZ. The most disappointing part about the switch, is that I won’t be stopping in Denver for a day to see a best friend. We had heard that snow was going to be hitting the Rockies and my mother wasn’t too excited with that, considering I was going to be driving alone from Denver to LA. Fortunately for me, she has now decided to go the whole way and we may drive some half days so that we have more time to explore some southwest cities we haven’t visited before.

My mother is a fellow bread enthusiast, and loves the seedy whole grain variety as much as I do. This morning I toasted some Whole Foods Seeduction bread and covered it with crunchy peanut butter and blueberry preserves. It has been too long since I’ve had an open faced pb & j.

Since my father left to film in New Orleans, I’ve been keeping my mom company. I made a simple gnocchi dish with a mix of fresh pumpkin puree, tomato sauce, spinach, squash, rosemary, and sage. It probably skimped in protein, but it was still satisfying. We used whole wheat gnocchi and couldn’t tell the difference in taste or texture. They were just like the gnocchi we had in Tuscany.

The parents keep their home pretty chilly and because I’ve been really trying to fit in cross-training, I’ve hopped on their new elliptical a few times these last few days to warm up. What a good excuse to get a workout in, right? Teri also reminded me that foam rolling would really help alleviate the IT band pain I’ve been having. After searching in my old bedroom closet,  I found the one that my college cross-country coach had given me. It has already has helped  a lot.

I really want to like the garden herb sunshine burgers, but something just doesn’t sit right. I prefer the other Sunshine burger flavors, especially the Southwest (how fitting considering we are going there…). We are really trying to empty out our fridges, and the only veggies I could find were organic baby romaine, farmer’s market tomatoes, and avocado, that I tossed with a balsamic dijon vinaigrette. Honestly, I couldn’t make it through the veggie burger and ate the remaining dumpling squash half and baked beans for today’s lunch.

Newman’s Own Organics sent me a huge box full of products to review for the blog. I dove right into the Fig Newmans first. I forgot how much I enjoy these fig filled treats. They are the perfect pre workout treat too! I can’t wait to try the rest of the vegan choices. The timing is perfect for our road trip.

Now I’m off to go dispose of our plants. This really breaks my heart, and clearly shows how I am meant to be a vegetarian. I have a hard time killing plants! I just don’t think it is practical to travel across the country with a tiny 1990 bmw filled with herbs. I guess V and I will just have to get new ones once we settle in.

Some of you were asking where in LA I will be. Well, it is kind of confusing. We will be staying in our friends way up in Topanga Canyon, but only while he is filming in Thailand for two months. After that, it will be up to us to find a place and area (probably closer to the studios…maybe Toluca Lake, North Hollywood) we want to be. I am very excited to stay out of the center in Topanga for a little bit though. Hopefully I can convince friends to come up their to hike with me.

Other things:

-Have you traveled in the southwest? Have you been to any of the cities I mentioned we will be stopping? Any tips? We will only be driving through but will stop for a few nights and if we find a city particularly interesting, we will probably be staying for a half a day. I do worry about dinners in some of these places. I hope they are veg-friendly!