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Posted in FOOD, VEGAN, WORKOUTS by clairedille on November 5, 2010


I’ve hiked behind our temporary Topanga Canyon home (also happens to be where I get cell service),

I’ve had mexican from the only mexican restaurant in topanga canyon,

I’ve eaten sushi from the overpriced local organic grocer (at least the sushi was cheap),

I’ve sweated out toxins at Yoga Desa

and followed the class with “The Best Veggie Burger Ever” from Waterlily cafe (the chipotle vegenaise sauce…died).

Not once,

Have I gone for a run. I am still treating myself well and every day I have to tell myself this.

After all, it is pretty refreshing to wake up and look out the window to this.

I’ve never heard this much wildlife in my life. Each morning, I hear an incredible amount of birds, squirrels dropping nuts on the roof, and then scurrying into the trees.

I hike up to the top of the mountains and it is just me and the lizards, birds, and bugs. After being pent-up in our Detroit Loft when not working this past year, I heard no wildlife, just the sound of the slow-moving train. My body is still on east coast time so I have no problem waking up with the rest of the living creatures in Topanga Canyon. Each day, I’ve been sitting on the porch with my morning bowl of steel-cut oats (still searching for raw sprouted buckwheat). I am sure things will soon start to get hectic, but for now, I am soaking it all in.

Of course, it is now 9:30pm and I feel like it is past midnight. Instead of curling up in bed, I’m heading out for my third night of Topanga Mexican food (talking business with a former boss-fingers crossed).

I promise I’ll venture out for some more Veggie meals in LA soon. Vegan Mofo is still fresh in my mind (Happy 4th Day!), and I’m compiling a list of places I hope to visit for the special vegan month of food. Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

M Cafe

Real Food Daily

le pain quotidien (Lynn wrote about the Avocado, Chickpea, Alfalfa Sprouts and Tahini Tartine and I am dying to try it)

Veggie Grill

Native Foods

-Do you have any LA vegan food suggestions? It doesn’t have to be vegan only, but vegan friendly would be lovely.


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  1. actorsdiet said, on November 5, 2010 at 1:16 am

    we should go to the le pain! also, you should check out lemonade – lots of salads – they have one in venice.

  2. healthyexposures said, on November 5, 2010 at 6:56 am

    So, so beautiful there. It seems like the perfect mesh of peace and quiet as well as busy and fast-paced. I love the peace ad quiet of VT, but sometimes wish I was closer to a big city with more opportunities. The time will come 😉

  3. Lauren said, on November 5, 2010 at 11:49 am

    I’m so jealous of your amazing views! That looks so beautiful!!

    I’m sorry you haven’t been able to run, but it’s great that you’re getting out there and hiking. It sounds so peaceful. Glad you have time to soak everything in before life starts getting hectic.

  4. lauren @ wwob said, on November 5, 2010 at 1:31 pm


  5. lisasfoods said, on November 5, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    Sounds like you’re having a great time and making a great transition so far. I visited some friends in Orange County many years ago, and found the area so beautiful.

  6. lucie said, on November 6, 2010 at 1:01 am

    I am absolutely addicted to your blog. Such fabulous pictures. Unfortunately, I come from the UK so dont have any food suggestions, but cant wait for you to post more of your eats!


  7. cadryskitchen said, on November 7, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Real Food Daily & Native Foods are two of my favorites, but my absolute favorite restaurant in all of LA is Rahel. It’s an all-vegan Ethiopian restaurant in Little Ethiopia. Go hungry. Leave very happy.

  8. yogi eat’s « A Fresh Dille said, on November 10, 2010 at 12:17 am

    […] How upsetting is this early darkness caused by Day Light’s Saving…it really is a buzz kill for food photography in the evening. But I wanted to show you an example of the simple dinners I’ve been eating. I used to love eating Macro bowls at Souen when living in NY, and this is a re-creation of sorts. I don’t eat macrobiotic meals that often, but when I do, I feel wonderful after eating them. LA seems to have many macro restaurants as well, most of them are vegetarian friendly restaurants on my growing LA restaurant list. […]

  9. AH said, on February 14, 2011 at 4:31 am

    Definitely re-try RFD! People complain a lot about that place on the internet, I’ve noticed, but as a long-term vegetarian (and vegan for many years) and Los Angeles native, RFD ultimately has some great options for us and they’ve been around FOREVER for a reason. They’re still one of the oldest veg restaurants in town. There definitely weren’t so many choices ten or twenty years ago.

    TRY RFD’s VEGAN MASHED POTATOES WITH GRAVY!!!!!!! I have craved these constantly since I was 18 and first tried them.

    Definitely try M Cafe. The one on Melrose and La Brea is good–haven’t tried the other locations. I always get a brown rice bowl with steamed veggies. The veggies are always fresh and tasty, cooked perfectly. The brown rice is the BEST I’ve ever eaten. And the teriyaki-type sauce they serve alongside is all you need. The most delicious teriyaki bowl I’ve ever had. One bowl=2 meals for me, btw.

    If you like ethnic vegan, try the Asian/Indian spots all over Echo Park and Silverlake. I personally don’t stomach heavy spices well, but all of my veg (and non-veg) friends swear by the Indian on that side of town.

    Another place you should try is Leonor’s Mexican in North Hollywood. All vegan, including cheese. A staple over here for Mexican food. The veggie and “cheese” stuffed quesadillas are a great lunch-on-the-run.

    Lastly, try Astro Burger on Santa Monica and Gardner (not the other location) for the best greasy-diner veggie burger with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and thousand island to satisfy any junk food cravings you have. Their fries are GOOD and no animal fat/cross contamination with the meat. Oh and the fried zucchini got a makeover and is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.

    There are so many more options to mention… LA has become overtaken with veg restaurants the last few years and it’s become kind of a bad thing. There are so many of them that most are bound to be bad, whereas back in the day, the only ones that made it were great. If that makes sense… Just keep trying and enjoy the process!

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