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my first reuben.

Posted in FOOD, VEGAN by clairedille on November 17, 2010

Okay, I’ve never eaten a reuben. A friend of mine ate one too close to Cross Country practice in high school and I’ve been turned off ever since. Today I realized what a shame that was when I ventured over to Locali in Hollywood.

For the last two days, I’ve been apartment searching, without much luck. I’m still getting to know many of the area’s and have pretty high standards of living. Someone asked what I was looking for and when I replied, “hardwood floors, a good amount of natural light, and large closets,” they said, “are you from the east coast?” I didn’t know those were east coast trademarks for apartment searching, but I guess I fit that stereotype in the renter’s eyes. In actuality, that was my least favorite apartment that I viewed today, and will not be calling back tomorrow. I did fall in love with one that was a good $500 per month over budget. While driving around West Hollywood, I saw a “for rent” sign, an open door, and just had to investigate. The kind old gentleman was still working on the new tiles in the bathroom, but this two bedroom with large closets and hardwood floors was heavenly. It even had a dining room connected to the kitchen and brand new kitchen appliances. He insisted on walking me around the apartment before telling me the price. That was not a good idea. Tomorrow I will be exploring Los Feliz and Silverlake. Hopefully I will have more luck (more square footage for the amount we aim to pay).

But back to the food…

After lunching with Lynn last week, I was intrigued by Locali, after hearing her rave about their reuben. Mid apartment searching, I decided to drive over for a quick pick me up. The cute little store/cafe was filled with all sorts of veggie goodness from raw desserts, liz lovely cookies, prepared salads, and kombucha. They even had refrigerated sprouted breads, faux-meats, and lots of dry goods.

I ordered half a sandwich with a side of the special of the day side salad, a mediterranean cole slaw. While it was prepared I looked around the space (Lynn has more photos of the interior and exterior). You would never have expected to find this little gem in a strip mall, but it really surprised me.

The Reuben can be made vegetarian or vegan with marinated tofu deli slices, melted swiss (or daiya mozzarella for the vegan choice), sauerkraut, & smothered with delicious homemade vegan russian dressing. Not usually a fan of rye, I loved this marbled rye bread.

The half sandwich was all I needed. It was warm and full of flavor. This is a sandwich I will definitely return for. It was one of the first times I’ve had a vegan deli slice I’ve enjoyed, and the daiya, sauerkraut, and russian dressing were a great contrast of tastes. The menu catered to both vegans and omnivores with antibiotic and hormone free meat and non-GMO meat alternatives. The produce is organic and local, as well as the bread. Other sandwiches I will be sure to go back for:

The ExtraVEGANza Panini- grilled vegetables, fresh spinach, and artichoke tapenade on six grain

The Hungry, Hungry Hippie- hummus, red pepper, arugula, & red onion on six grain

The Vegan BLT- tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, stone ground mustard, & vegan mayo on lightly toasted sourdough

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich- vegan sausage patty, vegan cheddar, vegan chipotle sauce & maple syrup on multi-grain english muffin

The Sprouted Hemp Bagel Sandwich- vegan cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, greens, & onion on sprouted hemp bagel

The Vegan Brekkie Burrito- multi grain tortilla stuffed with scrambled tofu, vegan cheese, black beans, bell pepper, & red onion topped with vegan sour cream & chipotle

and those are just the sandwiches…

The kale salads massaged with olive oil, sea salt, lemon, walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts and cayenne or cranberries, walnuts, and agave are drool-worthy. There are about 5 other vegan friendly salads and specials of the day. I couldn’t believe this menu. Too good be true? I will test that theory.

Oh Locali, I will return soon. Maybe with a meat-eater in tow, who is all for the ethically raised.

Other things:

-Do you have a favorite sandwich? Is it your own or from a restaurant? I wasn’t always a sandwich person, maybe because I was never a fan of deli meats. Since switching to a plant-based diet, I’ve grown much more fond of sandwiches. Give me some good bread, a nice spread, and some mouth-watering veggies, and I am good to go.

-Do you search for places that feature organic and ethical ingredients?

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