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some belated mother’s day words.

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Yesterday I was eager to write a post about lessons I have learned from my mother over the years. I spent most of the night converting photos from my old laptop to my new. After finally uploading a significant amount of photos (most are food…), I found a few I thought you might enjoy.  To go with them, I will share a few of the lessons I’ve learned from Mama Dille. Some are wise, some are silly, and some are just the way us Dille ladies like to do things. It has been a while since I have talked about why this blog is called “A Fresh Dille,” but one reason is that I feel that my middle name, also my mother’s maiden name, is considerably important to me. The Dille family is made up of strong independent women (a lot more women than men too) and I strive to be just as amazing as my mother, her sisters, and my Grandmother. Here are a few things that have stuck with me over the years, as well as some I am just realizing now:

me and my mom before my senior prom

-“Let your hair down” and “show your face”.  This could be taken a few different ways. My mother always told me that I shouldn’t try to fix my naturally wavy locks. She also suggested I often pull it back. My boyfriend and others seem to agree that natural is the way to go. It took me years to realize this and now try to go with the flow and not fight what I was given. Another way I have interpreted this phrase is the simple fact that when you “let your hair down” to show your true colors, confidence is apparent.

my aunt joy & aunt ann, my mother

me and my lil sis

me and lils (her name is lily)

-“Your sisters always come first.” Not only is family obviously incredibly important because they are always there for you when things are good or bad, but sisters have a bond like no other. I am sure that if you are one, you know what I am talking about. A sister will tell you like it is when others won’t. Being a big sister can be hard when you are trying to be a mentor for someone when you are still trying to figure yourself out. I know that my sister and I will always be close like my mother and her sisters.

one of my mother’s besties, my mom

kate, me, and miss emma

-“Your best friends are the ones who will always be there for you.” My mom talks to one of her best friends, pictured above, on the same day each week. If one has a conflicting schedule, they make sure to talk another time that week. We have moved many times in my life and she has had to leave her best friends, sisters, etc. many times over the years. She always tells me that no matter how far away you are from your best friends, you will always know that they are there for you the way you would be for them. I haven’t lived near most of my best friends in years but when we are together, it doesn’t feel like we’ve spent more than a week apart.

me and my mama

-“Wear a hat and sunscreen.” Okay, okay…I know you’ve all heard it but my mom wore straw hats ALL SUMMER long. Now, I pretty much do as well. After years of not taking care of  my skin, I have switched my ways. Last summer, I worked outside most days when filming and I was one of the only women to actually wear a hat. It also helps that I have built up quite the collection of vintage hats via my mother.


cousins and myself jumping into the water

-“Spend as much time as possible in or around the water.” My whole life, I have been such a fish (pisces too!) and my mom is as well. We both have been lucky enough to grow up spending summers on Martha’s Vineyard and that has really shaped who I feel I am today. It was always hard to get me out of the water when younger and I feel a sense of comfort around it. When we moved away from the east and west coasts to the midwest, it was really hard for me to be so far from the ocean. Lakes just aren’t the same for me.

my mom in spain, last month

me in Venlo & Amsterdam, The Netherlands

-“Travel abroad as much as possible.” The importance and learning experiences from traveling have been emphasized my entire life. My mother traveled at a young age and continues to now, and I have followed in her foot steps. Of course when I was younger I traveled with my parents, but in college I spent a semester in the Netherlands and continued to travel throughout Europe. There are still other continents I can’t wait to venture and hopefully I will be heading somewhere international this summer.

me and my cousin

-“It’s never inappropriate to accessorize.” Even at a young age, I remember wearing necklaces, hair accessories, and much more. I still tend to make sure I am accessorized at most times, even if it is a simple bracelet or ring. I wish I had some photos of my mothers massive vintage jewelry collection, but take my word for it. I have never seen another like it.

my mama, brother from another mother, and daddy-o

-“Talk to the boys.” My mom has always been really great at talking to all men and boys. I tend to also have a lot of guy friends and even lived with six one year during college. I love a good girl’s night and being with my best ladies but sometimes guys are just drama free and tell it like it is.

my first birthday

“You can never go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate.” I have talked about this before, but I try to eat chocolate ever day. My mother may not be as much of a chocoholic as myself, but she doesn’t think that there is anything better than chocolate and peanut butter. I agree in all ways possible.

Some other things…

-“Unplug once in a while.” My mom is no internet fiend but she appreciates a good book and has inspired me to unplug more often than I would otherwise.

-“Bread is your friend.” Carbs are not neglected in my home. I am not talking about the flimsy white stuff, but the seedy whole grain goodness spread with some butta’ (or in my case, earth balance and jam for my dad).

-“Fit in exercise, even when you are busy and stressed.” My sister and I still remember the days my mom went to aerobics in the morning. We danced and played around in another room filled with mats while my mom sweated it out. I was a nanny in college and an athlete at the same time. It was tiring fitting in both and I have a great amount of respect for all mothers who make time for fitness. Not only does it keep you strong but energizes you so that you can keep up with your little ones.

Hope you enjoyed a few words about things I feel I’ve learned from my mama.

What about you? Any silly or meaningful lessons you’ve learned from your mom that you would like to share?

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